Did Wikileaks expose corruption without harming national security? Judge orders oversight Private Bradley Manning case.

Image: native-law.com Adam Klasfeld for Courthouse News Service writes: A…

Image: native-law.com

Adam Klasfeld for Courthouse News Service writes:

A military judge demanded that prosecutors itemize what information they are sharing with, or declining to disclose to, lawyers for Pfc. Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks’ alleged source for the biggest leak in U.S. history.

Although far-reaching impact of the alleged leaks spark global interest in Manning’s case, only a handful of reporters observed the significant developments that took place on at what was expected to be a small discovery hearing on Monday morning.

Manning’s lawyers long have complained that prosecutors have been “hiding the ball” to deprive the 24-year-old soldier from information showing that the leaks exposed corruption without harming national security.

Dan De Luce for AFP writes:

A US military judge has ordered prosecutors to show they are not withholding evidence from WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning after defense lawyers accused them of hiding documents that could potentially help their client’s case.

The ruling was a victory for Manning, whose defense team has argued for months that prosecutors are dragging their feet on requests for government files that could prove crucial in the trial of the Army private.

Manning, 24, accused of handing over a massive trove of classified documents to the WikiLeaks website, smiled at his attorneys after the judge read out her decision at a pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, northeast of Washington.

Judge Denise Lind ruled that prosecutors would have to turn over reports from the CIA, the FBI, the State Department and the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive that assessed the impact of the leaks.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    You all are out of your minds if you believe that a low ranking person accessed all that data all by his lonesome. You dont have to be MI to know this just think regular unit “S” Shops.
    Wake up and think about it for a minute