DILLON AERO Titanium Gatling Gun

The M134D-T is Dillon's newly designed Titanium Gatling Gun for…


The M134D-T is Dillon’s newly designed Titanium Gatling Gun for Weight Critical Applications. Dillon undertook a complete redesign of the standard, steel M134D to meet the needs of users operating helicopters at high altitudes and under hot conditions, where aircraft weight is critical. Skeletonized components and Titanium were combined to reduce the guns weight by nearly 20 percent, or about 12 – 15 pounds per gun. This was accomplished while retaining the Gatling’s outstanding performance and reliability.

Titanium components include the Rotor, Housing, DAFD-2001 Feeder/Delinker, and Barrel Clamp/Flash Suppressor.

Fixed Forward Fire: 41.5 lbs
Crew Served Gun: 50.5 lbs

For more information about this gun, click here to download the specs or visit www.dillonaero.com

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