This U.S. Marine loved the D&L PPC and the SureFire…

This U.S. Marine loved the D&L PPC and the SureFire 60-round mag shown here. He will soon deploy and wishes he could take both with him.

Quite alive and well, the old slogan “buyer beware” pertains to, well, everything we buy. A life-long, daily risk management drill, you ask? You bet, and firearms are certainly no exception. Take the AR-15 platform, but don’t try to count all the clones or you may hurt your eyes, as they can run the gamut of the good, bad and the ugly. Did you hear about the small quantity of aftermarket ARs last year that were equipped with bolts made in Turkey? Except for the bolts, the guns were fine. Sure, you can cut corners, but not at the corner of “bolt and carrier.” When you do, a big accident is waiting to happen.

Using four mounting bolts, D&L’s receiver scope base is extremely secure, as is its eight-bolt handguard and 60-screw 30mm scope rings.

Case in point, an accident occurred while in the hands of a police officer who was the (short-lived) proud owner of the new AR clone. Fortunately, God was at the range when all six lugs sheered off, allowing the bolt to blow rearward without rotating. The upper receiver was destroyed and all other upper parts, except the barrel, were ready for a dirt nap. The lower suffered no damage and, most importantly, the police officer suffered only a face speckled by tiny aluminum shards, with his glasses saving his eyes. Yes, you can get what you pay for, but sometimes it’s worth less than the asking price.

Even without its winter plumage, D&L’s Professional Perimeter Carbine would stand out in a crowd. Many of its features are unique to D&L Sports, including its aluminum stock, free-floating, ventilated handguard, and muzzle brake/flash suppressor. The scope tested with the rifle was a Leupold 3-9x42mm.

When compared with some, the AR-15-type rifle is a highly technical rifle; not only in design, but also in the mil-spec requirements assuring that it is made of the finest materials to the highest quality control. It isn’t rocket science, but it is vital to the operation and safety of rifle and operator.

Built to endure harsh usage, D&L’s aluminum AR buttstock comes with two waterproof storage tubes. They also make an adjustable length-of-pull version.

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  • Tactical-Life.com

    Technically, you are correct. This young man had been signed up, but had not left for boot camp, it being postponed by the Corps due to logistics or something. He is now out of boot camp and assigned, but I don’t know where, as i haven’t seen his father for a couple of months.

    I did hear that he was at the top of his class and I’m sure he wears his uniform to perfection, as opposed to the one he borrowed for the photo. Sorry, but no real Marines were available, but rest assured, even before he went in, he could operate an M4A1 far better than his brother-in-law, now a former Marine…Go figure!

    Best, Gary Paul Johnston

  • SrA BMadden

    This comes from a chAir Force-er, but I agree with the MSgt. You are representing your service across the country.

  • MSgt Jay Mattice

    Not sure who the Marine is who was pictured in this article, but he is way outside of grooming standards and is not a good representation of who we are. UNSAT!