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  • wil

    open 160th soar to naval aviators

  • Stewart

    Let me get this straight. MARSOC now needs airplanes. The Seals say they now need dedicated boats. And Army Special Forces need more soldiers. Zapping that one moron in Pakistan is going to really cost us! I have an idea. Why not do away with USSOCOM and simply send our MARSOC, SEALS and SF back to where the air, boats and bodies are, in the traditionally services.

  • It ain’t MarSoc..if there is not Marine Air. Marines are a package…you get it all, Air, Ground, Logistics, C4I…w special in every category. Semper Fidelis RJI

  • Tactical-Life.com

    The article is back online the embedded Scribd document may take a moment to load.

  • It appears that you have a SNAFU…no article!