Dogs trained in colorado for demands of war (video).

Alex Dunbar trains one of his “War Dogs,” a German…

Alex Dunbar trains one of his “War Dogs,” a German Shepard, at the Close Quarter Battle K-9 School. (credit: CBS)

War dogs have been getting a lot of attention following the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, and their importance is crucial.

“They’re considered a member of the team,” said Close Quarter Battle K-9 School owner Alex Dunbar.
Dunbar trains German Shepards from Slovakian blood for the military, police forces, and for personal protection. His training site is in southern Colorado, just south of the small town of San Luis.

“It’s almost the same topography and elevation as Afghanistan and Pakistan,” said Dunbar, who is also an ex-Marine.
When SEAL Team 6 raided Bin Laden’s compound, they had a dog with them.

Source: CBS

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