Don’t Be a Hater T-Shirt

Don't Be A Hater...You don't know how appropriate this t-shirt…

Don’t Be A Hater…You don’t know how appropriate this t-shirt is at the moment. While there seems to be a growing, and rather ugly, undercurrent online of those that don’t feel female shooters deserve the credit they get for their shooting accomplishments – they pretty much go so far as to question whether or not they are accomplishments – this t-shirt from B&T Industries sums up the collective response of the female shooting community. And fairly well, we might add. It reads “Don’t Be A Hater Because I Shoot Like A Girl” and is a 100% Gildan tee available in sizes Small to XL. It comes in Pink, Pink or Pink and goes for $15.95.


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  • CAMOWoman

    Ya you are right…when I shot my first elk for winter meat, all the guys were telling me I’d start shaking when I made the shot…didn’t happen: was as calm as a cucumber…probably because I wasn’t worried about missing, and didn’t have that pesky male ego messing my nervous system up~

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    My Daughter shoots competiton with me and my wife has rejoined us after some medical issues she healed from. Women overall have steadier hands and less ego.