DoubleStar's 1911 is the first gun to be manufactured from…


doublestardetail-poole.gifDoubleStar’s 1911 is the first gun to be manufactured from the company most widely known as a maker of high-quality gun parts for tactical use. It features Novak lo-mount sights, front & rear serrations on the slide for a secure grip, frame-integrated picatinny rail just forward of the trigger guard and of course, DoubeStar’s unique match trigger. The thumb safety is reminiscent of the style used during WWII and the 1911 also has a beavertail grip safety with a combat hammer, arched mainspring and strider grips.

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  • easyrdr

    Double Star site list price $1,349.99

  • Rick S

    A few on Gun, over $1200.

  • GEH

    the retail price was tentatively posted as $1115

  • WBQ

    I think this gun looks great and would love to try one out, but I wish somebody would publish the price on it. Anybody know what it is?

  • Raymolnd Barata

    I have a doublestar 45 government model and it rocks I would buy the tactical too and probaly will when it comes out. Most people havent heard of them but they produce a nice 1911 from what I have seen and recommend them any chance I get