DPMS Kitty-Kat 5.56mm

Thanks to a number of factors, the “black rifle” world…

Thanks to a number of factors, the “black rifle” world has simply exploded in the last decade. Where a single manufacturer once dominated the world of the AR, today the consumer has dozens of companies large and small producing rifles and carbines based on the original AR15 platform. DPMS Firearms is one of the nation’s top manufacturers of rifles, carbines and accessories.

dpms.gifRecently I was able to visit with Dustin Emholtz of DPMS during a weekend-long industry outing. Emholtz had brought out numerous DPMS firearms for us to test and evaluate. The model that drew the most attention from the crowd was the customized “Kitty-Kat” carbine.

I don’t know who said that big things often come in small packages, but this little carbine packs plenty of big boy features. Specifically, this gun is listed as the DPMS Model “RFA2-KIT,” but it is more fondly known as the Kitty-Kat. The particular firearm featured here is an upgraded or “tricked out” version of that model.

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  • yes switching to pistol powder and 63 gr bullet is perfect for my pistol ar 100 yrd metal gong and a few rats at dump will testify well maybe not ha ha

  • Good day. please allow me to inquire. I have a DPMS Kitty-Kat CAL.223-5.56 MM MOD.M-160 M005072 made by DPMS St. Cloud, MN U.S.A. I was not given a manual of this firearm so I will asked, what is the maximum range, maximum effective range, and what is the zeroing distance for this particular firearm with only 7-inch barrel. Could you inform me also on how to use the rear sight assembly(I am use to the M16 A1)especially that device which look like Bullet Drop Compensator. Lastly, based on the given serial nr. is my firearm genuine and made by St. Cloud DPMS. Thank you. Respectfully, DADO

  • Greg Summers

    The new DPMS ‘Kitty Kat’ is a beauty behold. The M4 carbine length quad rail and the folding rear and front sights are a great combination. The muzzle break may be changed for the M4 supperssor type so that a suppressor could be used. The quad rail appears long enough for the LMT M203 40mm Grenade Launcher 9inch Rail Mount.
    The DPMS ‘Kitty Kat’ is a great length for CQB and special duties vehicle operations.
    Unburnt Powder. Possibly a faster burning pistol powder would be a better load for the 7.5 inch barrel.
    This is my dream M4 configuration. Great Effort!

  • Paul

    The Phantom flash suppressor from Yankee Hill does a tremendous job taming flash. It’s one of the best muzzle brakes out there.

  • Sgt Z Squad

    How are the ballistics with that short barrel? Must make quite a muzzle flash with the unburn powder.