DPMS Panther LR-260

DPMS is well known for offering perhaps the widest selection…

DPMS is well known for offering perhaps the widest selection of quality M16/AR-15 parts and rifles. Although the company’s 5.56mm (.223) models are probably the most familiar, of greatest interest to the long-range community are the company’s larger-bore guns, in chamberings from .243Win to .300RSAUM. The newest additions to this group, introduced in 2006, are three models in .260Rem: the Panther LR-260H, LR-260L and finally the LR-260, reviewed here.

dpms21.jpgThe three .260Rem models are all built on the same platform that is used for the .308 rifles. The main difference among the three models lies in barrel length with the LR-260L and LR-260H sporting 18- and 20-inch 4140 steel tubes, respectively, and the LR-260 featuring a heavy-profile 24-inch 416 stainless steel barrel. All .260Rem barrels have 1-in-7.5-inch twist to handle the heaviest 6.5mm bullets. Common features to all the models are flattop receivers, round and ribbed free-floating handguards, A2 stocks, anodized and black Teflon finishes, and standard AR-15 triggers.

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