Originally developed as a submission for the USMC’s solicitation for…

Originally developed as a submission for the USMC’s solicitation for a lightweight precision rifle, the DPMS REPR (which stands for Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle) boasts a host of new and intriguing features.

Based off the company’s LRT-SASS platform, the .308 Win. rifle sports a dark tan earth coating on its upper and lower receivers as well as on its free-floated, four-rail fore-end. In addition, the rifle sports a flat dark earth Magpul precision rifle stock that is fully adjustable for cheekweld height as well as length of pull.

The 18” barrel will sport a slim REPR contour with a Remonite finish and is topped off with a threaded muzzle and flash suppressor (although there will be an optional suppressor system).

In addition, the REPR will employ a revolutionary Ventilator gas system that redirects a claimed 40% of excess gas in the direct gas impingement system away from the inside of the receiver’s chamber/locking lugs area. This is accomplished through a lengthened gas key on the bolt carrier that works in concert with vent holes in the forward portion of the rifle’s upper receiver.

The MSRP is $2,159.

For more information, keep an eye out at www.dpmsinc.com.


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  • will

    hey aon, why dont you cry about it

  • rdsii64

    This is a sick rifle. some day I will add one to my safe. in the mean time………

  • Aon

    First SASS now REPR huh? Lame…