DS Arms B&T TP-9 9mm

DS Arms is the only US importer offering Brugger &…

DS Arms is the only US importer offering Brugger & Thomet’s TP-9 9mm.

OVER YEARS, I’ve come to be quite a fan of the FAL rifle in general, and of DS Arms in particular. The main reasons are the unbeatable quality and reliability of their firearms and their enthusiasm for providing serious weaponry for real-world applications.

Because of my heightened interest in the DSA product line, my insistent badgering of the staff with technical questions and inquiries into “new stuff,” I’ve come to establish a great rapport, even a friendship, with Marc Galli, the general manager.

In a recent discussion with Marc, he mentioned that he’d been following our publication for some time, and tracked the procession of stories. “It’s time for something new,” he said. That “something new” that Marc referred to is their line of Brugger & Thomet TP-9 pistols.

DSA is the exclusive US importer and agent for Brugger & Thomet AG of Thun, Switzerland. One of the world’s most advanced firearms technology labs, B&T has established itself as a world leader in manufacturing and development of sound suppressors and mounting systems for military, law enforcement and civilian applications. In 2001, B&T acquired all patents, drawings, materials and production rights for the TMP pistol from the Austrian firm, Steyr.

The TMP was resurrected in 2004 by B&T with improvements and design changes with the MP-9. Since then, various government and police units worldwide have adopted the MP-9. B&T’s refined MP-9 pistol has truly become “something new” in the world of firearms with its innovative design. No other product delivers the features found in the MP-9. At a mere 44 ounces, it’s the smallest, lightest, most accurate and modular platform of its kind.

Emptying entire mags in full-auto mode is controllable enough to yield hits. Note only one round missed the silhouette. Author “walked” the rounds up from the body to the head.

In late summer of 2006, DS Arms received ATF approval to import the MP-9 into the US market as a semi-automatic-only pistol with no vertical foregrip or stock. This US import model has been designated the “TP-9” pistol, short for “Tactical Pistol-9mm.” The pistol is made entirely at Brugger & Thomet’s Thun, Switzerland, facility.

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