The Para Tactical is shown equipped with an EOTech XPS2-0…

The Para Tactical is shown equipped with an EOTech XPS2-0 HWS backed up by an EOTech G23.FTS 3X magnifier unit on a flip-to-side mount. Mounted on the forend is an Insight Technology M6X-G white light/green laser unit.

When it comes to military pedigrees, few designs can hold a candle to the FAL-pattern rifle. Developed by the famed Fabrique Nationale (FN) chief arms designer, Dieudonné Joseph Saivé, the Fusil Automatique Léger (or “light automatic rifle”) earned the distinction of being adopted by nearly 100 countries during the Cold War era, and seeing service on both sides of many conflicts in that time of seemingly unending proxy wars. In fact, in regards to total numbers produced, the FAL easily outshines the now-dominant M16/AR-15 series, and comes in second only to the ubiquitous Kalashnikov for sheer profligacy.

So, would it not make sense for a battle-proven warrior such as the FAL to be adapted to today’s law enforcement needs? For obvious reasons, the AR carbine is the “top dog” today in law enforcement circles, due in no small part to its U.S. military pedigree as well as the broad availability of parts and accessories. Another consideration is the fact that the lion’s share are made right here in the United States. So, you can see how a Belgian-born military design could have trouble getting a foothold in U.S. law enforcement.

The Para Tactical featured a side-folding ACE Ltd. SOCOM stock adjustable for length of pull. The stock locks solidly and allows for ease of storage of the carbine.

That would be true if it were not for the efforts of DS Arms, a manufacturer of primarily metric FAL-pattern rifles. In fact, the company offers many variants that are right up the alley of an LE officer looking for a powerful, reliable and capable .308 patrol/tactical carbine. One of them, the SA58 Para Tactical, is the subject of this piece. But more on that in a moment.

The shortened gas system of the Para Tactical measures 8.5 inches. Note the pressure switch of the Insight Technology M6X-G.

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