E2V Argus SC Thermal Imaging Camera

The Argus SC is the latest generation of the highly…

The Argus SC is the latest generation of the highly successful Argus Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC”s) from e2v.

The Argus SC has been specifically designed to help Police, security and law enforcement officers to detect the heat signatures of people and objects.  The camera can be used in conditions of zero visibility including complete darkness and smoke. Visit the Argus SC website to see how their Thermal Imaging Camera is intended to use.

The Argus SC offers a simple-to-operate configuration and is a robust, self-contained camera, with fully automatic operation.   It is lightweight and ergonomic and capable of withstanding harsh environments.

The ArgusSC uses a high-resolution 320 x 240 pixel, Amorphous Silicon (ASi) Microbolometer Detector. It has been designed using advanced digital imaging technology for a sharper picture and provides superior performance.

The Argus SC comes with the most advanced features available in any thermal imaging camera. These include:

* Enhanced Dynamic Scene Colourisation (EDSC)
Colorises the thermal image to allow the user to pinpoint the areas of interest within the surveillance scene.

* Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM)
Displays the temperature of objects within a defined area of the thermal scene.

* SceneSaveTM Digital Image Capture
The Argus SC can capture and store up to 100 images. These can then be viewed or deleted using the on screen menu. Using the software provided, the captured images can be downloaded to a suitable laptop/PC and exported in various formats.

* Dimmable LCD Diplay
The Argus SC can instantly turn off the LCD backlight to prevent recognition.

* Customisable Start-up Screen
Brigade logos or station names can be added to the start-up screen for asset tracking and/or personalisation of the camera.

* X2/X4 Zoom
Allows the user to zoom in on the scene, from a distance, for improved investigation, identification and surveillance of the scene.

* Time and Date
The time and date is displayed at the top of the viewing screen.

* ON Screen Set-up Menu
The Argus SC allows the end user to adjust various camera settings and review and delete stored images.

Power for the Argus SC is provided by an integral battery pack located on the top of the camera. The camera has a single on/off button with a delayed off operation to prevent accidental power-down during use. The camera will display a start-up screen until a useable thermal image is produced.

The Argus SC is constructed from high quality Black Radel, which has been chosen for its strength, resistance to heat, water and impact.

Protection from shock is provided by a combination of rugged components, optimum mechanical design and protective bumpers. The camera is sealed to allow short-term total immersion in water (IP67). The camera is supplied with side straps that provide flexible operation and transfer between users.

No end-user maintenance is required other than recharging of batteries and post-use external cleaning with a soft cloth.

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  • Dear Sir,
    My interest to buy and resale to the Bank/Finance.
    Please advise your Hi-Tech Product, E2V Argus SC Thermal Imaging Camera, is good to use by Banks that can detect the persons carry weapon/Pistol who intended waiting to enter and rob the Bank.
    How far distance can this device to detect object.

    (2) Can you also guide how this product can be install at the Petrol/Mobile Police, that can detect and scan the persons carry weapons/Pistol in the body.
    Hope you can understand my enquiry.
    Thank you
    Prichard Tiew