EA-18G Growler

In 2008, the US Navy will warmly welcome the newest…

In 2008, the US Navy will warmly welcome the newest addition to their naval defense force, the EA-18G Growler. Replacing the Navy’s current airborne electronic attack aircraft, the EA-6B Prowler, which has been in use since 1971, the EA-18G Growler uses breakthrough design and technology to serve our warfighters today. Using a F/A-18F airframe, the EA-18G Growler will provide a wide range of capabilities including the ability to operate from multiple platforms from on deck of an aircraft carrier to land-based fields.

DoD PhotoThe EA-18G will be 90 percent identical, in parts, to the Super Hornet. This $66 million-unit surpasses its predecessor by reducing its operational crew by half, with speeds reaching Mach 1.8 (the 40-year-old Prowler flew at 0.72 Mach) and it’ll have the ability to carry and deliver offensive weapons.

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