The European American Armory (EAA) PAP rifle brings an ultra-high-quality…


The European American Armory (EAA) PAP rifle brings an ultra-high-quality Kalashnikov-based rifle to the U.S. market. Chambered for 7.62x39mm, the PAP sports an integral Picatinny rail on its top cover. For more information, visit www.eaacorp.com.

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  • Wish the EAA would take that cheep rail off… If they really wanted to spruce it up with a rail, get an actual working over the top rail like that AKARS. The PAP would be sick, if EAA got with Parabellum and made some deal to sell this kit with an AKARS instead.

  • Reddog62

    I own a Zastava and had the same dilemma-buy a $35 plastic mag from EAA (Zastava partner in the US) or go milsurp. The Romanian single stack mags (WASR10) mags do fit the Zastava. There are several WASR10 mag iterations-make sure you specifiy single stack. Yes-10 round is the best you’ll find in a single stack-anything more would make a silly looking mag-too long. My milsurp mags required me to file 1-2mm off the top of the mag where the round is retained otherwise the bolt carrier hit it on cycling. Try:
    reasonable price at $14.99. Otherwise hit AK blog boards like the AKfiles-they have a marketplace where I’ve scored 4 mags for about $8 apiece from private owners. Enjoy that Zastava-I love mine.

  • Alan

    i found some steel round mags at a gunshow that work perfect in my pap.not sure of make cuz there are no markings but they have been to the range and worked flawlessly.Yes they are only 10 rd but a reliable source said they didnt make single stacks in higher capacity.im sure they did though lol we just gotta find them

  • mark

    I want larger capacity magazines. 10 rounds aren’t enough. want at least a 30 round mag.

  • PAP owner

    I have a PAP rifle and while its nice it has a big problem. That picatinny rail on top of the dust cover is worthless and will not keep zero and remember it has to be removed every time you clean the rifle.This would not be a problem if the PAP had the welded side mount bracket for the side mount scope kits but it doesn’t .My WASR 10 has the side mount welded and its $150.00 cheaper and you can buy a thumb-hole stock set to make it look the same as the PAP for 67.99 . All the after market dust cover rail systems are useless and pointless .don’t waste your money unless you never intend to fire the weapon.

  • Louis

    i was wondering the same about the magazine, ten rounds goes too fast…

  • Nick

    That is the 10 round. They are single stack

  • Adam

    I’m wondering if anyone knows where you can get that magazine shown on the PAP?? All the ones I’ve found are only 10 round. Thanks.