Egypt army says they did not fire shots at protesters.

Egypt's army denied firing any shots at protesters in Cairo's…

Egypt’s army denied firing any shots at protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where pro- and anti-government protesters clashed, state media and the Defense Ministry said.

“The army denies firing any shots on the protesters,” according to a statement from the Defense Ministry, read to Reuters by a ministry source. It added that some smoke canisters were fired near the U.S. embassy to disperse crowds.

The U.S. embassy in Cairo is close to Tahrir Square. “No one in the army participated in the protest,” the source said, denying some reports that those involved included soldiers.

An Al Jazeera correspondent earlier said the army had fired shots in the air. A Reuters witness said they heard shots fired, but it was not immediately clear where the shots came from.

(Source: Marwa Awad, writing by Alison Williams for Reuters.

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  • General Jim M

    In a few years Israel will be looking for good mercenary help.They are going to be heavily outnumbered and the attackers will be using US weaponry.They might even be attacked with the blassings of the US government.If what is going on in the Arab world continues, the fanatical followers of the caravan raider, Muhammed, will have their Caliphate to overwhelm Israel.One thing our Generals and Admirals should pay close attention to is the possible surrounding of and envelopment of our troops in the region. They are within range of Pakistani nukes and the Navy could be delayed by the shutting down of the Suez canal.If all of the muslim nations in the region act to halt resupply to US forces,they could do it or make it costly. I’d draw back our troops from the region. A man who would not qualify to be a private in the US military is commander in chief. Germany tried to win a war with a crazy Corporal running their war strategy.There is no reason to keep them there,the muslims do not want western democracy,they want a caliphate to wipe out the Jews and to wage war on the Great satan.( that’s US,remember? )That was quick on the coverage of the Egypt stories,good move.