Element Tactical iPhone Case

This line is comprised of four significant US camouflage graphic…

This line is comprised of four significant US camouflage graphic patterns (Desert, Urban, Arctic, and Woods). The proprietary five step graphic process is extremely time consuming as it involves bead blasting, primer coat, base color, graphic coat, and protective UV matt finish coat, along with extensive drying times. But the result is a stunningly authentic camo finish that is anti-glare, durable, and non-repeatable on any two cases.


In fact, these cases are so individualized that we have numbered each one in this collection. Less than 50 of each graphic will be available for both the Vapor Pro and the Vapor Comp! That’s less than 200 units available for this first edition model.


Element Case Limited Edition Tactical Line Includes:
-Proprietary camouflage transfer graphics
-Limited Edition- less than 50 of each graphic, each case individually numbered.
-Comes with two interchangeable ultrasuede back plates
-Includes transit kit with carry case and CNC speed wrench.
-Made in USA


MSRP: Vapor COMP – $129.99; Vapor PRO – $159.99

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  • better put a better price on these. The other reply is right on.
    It’ only camo,is that price worth the cool factor
    NEVER…..good luck!!!!

  • Scram

    Cool cases but are they insane? Who pays for a phone case over $100.00? Yeah right! Every year or two most people change phones and there is no case worth that much money, especially in this crazy economy. Rediculous.

  • J Hughes

    Man oh man am I sure glad none of these tactical case manufactures has ever heard of other cell phones! (sarcasm)