Eliminate: Gun Range App for iPhone 4

The Kit Up! blog had this to say about this…

The Kit Up! blog had this to say about this slick shoot ’em up:

The game has 12 levels for each unlockable weapon (purchased by earned credits based on range performance), which includes straight up indoor scenarios and outdoor urban ranges. The game includes the M-60, PKM, M-4, AK-47, MP-7, Famas, Steyr and the SCAR Mk-16 (and more). Each weapon has particular characteristics that make it more or less accurate, fire in different modes (burst, single shot, full auto) and reload slow or fast.

Some improvements I hope will come down the pike are the addition of pistols to the armory and the ability to reload at will rather than wait for an auto reload when the mag is empty. Other than that, I don’t think it would be worth fooling with the elegant simplicity.

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