Elite Afghan soldier kills U.S. special forces mentor.

This Sept. 18, 2009 photo shows a Special Forces soldier…

This Sept. 18, 2009 photo shows a Special Forces soldier on his hands and knees to properly position the feet of an Afghan National Police officer during assault-rifle training in the village of Nili, the provincial capital of Day Kundi in central Afghanistan. The team is among only a few U.S. troops to live among Afghans, but there will likely be more. The hope is to push Special Forces teams into villages throughout Afghanistan, giving them the mission of rebuilding and training Afghan police.

An elite Afghan soldier shot dead an American mentor and his translator at a U.S. base, Afghan officials said on Friday, in the first rogue shooting blamed on the country’s new and closely vetted special forces.

The soldier opened fire at an American military base on Wednesday in Shah Wali Kot district, in volatile Kandahar province, said General Abdul Hamid, the commander of Afghan army forces in the Taliban’s southern heartland.

“The shooting took place after a verbal conflict where the Afghan special forces soldier opened fire and killed an American special forces member and his translator,” Hamid told Reuters.

Source: Ismail Sameem for Reuters.

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  • Jim Mullin

    I used to teach combat martial arts,mostly Okinawan with Chinese and some other odds and ends thrown in,i never put myself in such a subservient position as that US soldier is to that Afghani in the pic.There is no need. You show them by example.You correct them,by manipulating the upper body.But kneel before them while they are holding a weapon? Dumb,dumb,dumb.Politically correct thinking kills US soldiers.They are told to trust an enemy dressed as a friend.

  • Jim Mullin

    Since when is a backstabber described as elite? That’s almost as bad as the press calling a mortally wounded US soldier,INJURED.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Yup, time to go

  • Jim Mullin

    Pull all troops out, and carpet bomb Afghanistan with pigfat bombs.Fill up KC135s with hot pigfat and chemtrail them with liquifed hog.

  • D. Sanchez

    And there you have it….I think the time is here to let these idiots have their country back and bring our people home. Let these corupt, ass backwards, dirt hut living , heroin producing pieces of…..kill themselves, continue to live in their assbackwards way of life. These soldiers and their families, and the broke american tax payers have done enough. Or, turn our forces loose, no rules, no public opinion, no political correctness,,,and let them do whag nobody in the world does better. If we played by the same rules as they do,,,this would’ve been over years ago. Right or wrong, no one in Afghanistan or Irag is prosecuting anyone for any rogue killings, any mass killings, torture or anything they have done, but hey, we’ve got our soldiers on trial here in the states for their crimes….And that’s not saying our guys were right,,but….
    Let’s pull em out and bring em home….