Elite Firearms Galil 7.62x39mm

Since a lot of parts from foreign battle rifles are…

Since a lot of parts from foreign battle rifles are being assembled today using American receivers and barrels, I try to follow what’s new among them. One that really interested me recently is the Elite Firearms 7.62x39mm Galil. I have always liked the Galil rifle, but the concept of one in 7.62x39mm chambering is especially attractive.

First, it is possible to find 7.62x39mm ammo today for less than half the price of the Galil’s original chambering, the .223. Second, the Galil in 7.62x39mm would make an excellent choice for a security team rifle if that team were being deployed to parts of the world where 7.62x39mm is the standard ammunition.

elite2Gun Details
The Galil is basically an improved version of the AK47. Many of these improvements are in ergonomics, while the rugged durability of the Kalashnikov system is retained. The Galil sights are better than those of the AK; its folding stock is much more comfortable than an AK under folder; its cocking handle is much easier to operate; and its thumb safety has been improved.

The Galil’s rear peep sight is an L-shaped design with peeps for 300 and 500 meters. I find I can shoot better with them than with a typical AK rear notch. The front post remains virtually the same and is adjustable for elevation and windage.

The Galil side-folding stock is one of the best on any assault rifle. There are a couple of others that are just as good. The Galil cocking lever sticks up well above the receiver, which allows it to be operated readily with the support hand.

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