Elite Survival Systems Smokescreen

To the untrained eye, this single-strap backpack looks like a…

To the untrained eye, this single-strap backpack looks like a designer pack intended for general use, but it is so much more. The Smokescreen™ is Elite Survival Systems’ latest innovation in the art of concealment. It features their new TwinWing™ ambidextrous design and a hidden holster compartment to provide quick access to your firearm.

The fully padded, pass-through holster compartment has openings on either side of the pack, can fit up to full-size autos, and is situated between the rear wall and the main interior compartment. Even while keeping a pistol in the holster compartment, looking into the main portion of the bag won’t give away its presence.

The bag, itself, is constructed of a lightweight, durable nylon to allow it to blend in with the crowd, and is fully functional outside of concealed-carry purposes. The TwinWing™ denotes a pair of “Wing” flaps that attach to the main backpack strap to better suit right or left-side carry. Once you’ve chosen which Wing you’ll use with the main strap, snap the other to the front of the pack. It then remains out of the way, and covers enough of the unused holster-compartment access to further disguise and disable it.

With comfort and style in mind, the team at Elite Survival Systems addresses concerns of both function and appearance when creating this latest addition to their concealment collection.


Elite Survival Systems is your source for premium nylon holsters, gear, and accessories. To see their complete product lines, visit them online at Elitesurvival.com or call toll-free 866-340-2778 for a free catalog.

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  • Fred

    So it’s just a Maxpedition ripoff?

    That’s hardly newsworthy.