EMA Tactical AK47 Polymer Magazine Release Extension

When installed, our new magazine release extension wraps around the…

When installed, our new magazine release extension wraps around the front and bottom of trigger guard and enables the operator to ambidextrously release the magazine by providing large serrated surfaces on both sides and the bottom of the trigger guard. It securely mounts on to the existing magazine release with three set screws. Precision manufactured from an extremely durable high density polymer, this no gunsmithing design does not interfere with the trigger but provides sufficient surface area to make magazine changes instantly. Manufactured in Israel. Lifetime Warranty. EMAtactical.com.

Weight (oz.): 0.6oz

Width (in.): 1.625″

Length (in.): 1.4375″

Height (in.): 1.5″

Retail price: $14.99


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  • Matthew

    I was not sure this little, simple add on would stay attached but after several trips to the range and a lot of practice doing quick mag changes on my AK, I am happy to report it has remained well attached & has really speeded up my tactical mag changes. So far, i would cal it one of the best attachments I have ever added to an AK!