EMA Tactical AK47 Polymer Replacement Handguard

EMA Tactical is proud to introduce our new improved AK47…

EMA Tactical is proud to introduce our new improved AK47 polymer replacement handguard with four rails. The improvements include skeletonizing the body for better heat dissipation and reduced weight and also increasing the length of the side rails to 3”.


Precision manufactured from an extremely durable high density polymer, this no gunsmithing design replaces the AK47 wood furnature and mounts securely to most AK 47 variations providing the operator with a 4.75” top rail, two 3” side rails and a 4.5” bottom rail. The upper handguard contains the top rail and the lower handguard contains the 2 side rails and bottom rail. Both are available separately or are packaged together as a set. Manufactured in Israel. Lifetime Warranty. EMAtactical.com.
-Item # RS47T Upper handguard with 1 rail

-1.6 oz 1.25” W 4.75” L 1.5” H Top rail length 4.75”

-Item # RS47B Lower AK47 Polymer handguard with 3 Rails

-6.72 oz 2.5” W 5.375” L 1.75” H Bottom rail length 4.5” Side rail length 3”

-Item # RS47SET Upper and Lower AK47 handguard with 4 rails

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  • John Marsh

    This rail is no better then the Tdi Arms LHV47 set, it is based on it with slight changes and after using both, I still prefer the Tdi Arms Rail every day.