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Most of you didn’t hear about this first incident, as…


Most of you didn’t hear about this first incident, as it was not only regional, but did not make the national news. The team was assigned to do warrant service at a given address on 23rd Street. Those of you who are veterans of this game probably have guessed the rest of the story already. Why? Because it happens far too often.

As with almost all cities that have numerical streets, this city had two addresses that were the same. Most of these are denoted by East and West, but some are North and South, as was the case here, but what made it slightly different was that they were two distinctly different streets. Both 23rd Streets ran west and east, but were separated by Main Street, which ran in the same direction. With twenty-three streets with the same number on each side of Main Street, the two 23rd Streets were 47 streets apart, counting Main Street. The SWAT team simply went to the wrong one.


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