New re-designed ESEE IZULA GEAR Packs will be available early…

New re-designed ESEE IZULA GEAR Packs will be available early Summer 2012. Contact Blue Ridge Knives for ordering information. The new kit will come with a standard ESEE Fire Kit, Survival Instruction Cards and Navigation Instruction Cards.


The new RAT Packs are made in the USA and slightly re-designed. Photos below are of the original pack. We will post new photos once we have production models in stock. Please note that BlueRidge Knives is the sole, exclusive distributor for the new ESEE IZULA GEAR Packs. You must contact them to order.


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  • Drake

    These new packs are not made the same as the original Rat packs, ok if you have the smaller knives bad if you have the 5 or 6 esse knives

  • Fred

    ESEE makes outstanding knives at a great price.

    Their RAT Packs are much better than 90% of all other pre-assembled kits, but are a bit expensive for the contents.

  • jsa

    Very durable knives, got three and 2 fire starters, which put out an amazing spark.

  • TexasDoubleTap

    ESEE makes good quality gear, in my opinion!!