EXTREME CCTV’s EX30 IP Infrared Imager

The EX30 is a single-sensor Infrared Imager™ featuring IP Infrared…


The EX30 is a single-sensor Infrared Imager™ featuring IP Infrared Imaging (i3) design and the longest identification range at 150ft at telephoto. Additionally, EX30 provides detection-level night-time imaging up to 350ft, resulting in outstanding versatility for critical 24/7 surveillance applications.

Extreme’s innovative i3 design harnesses the power of infrared illumination to deliver outstanding images day or night, integrating seamlessly with existing IP network infrastructure. The EX30-IP Infrared Imager™ includes a 5-50mm IR-corrected lens and award-winning Black Diamond™ infrared illumination, calibrated to provide High-Fidelity™ night vision imaging.

*NEW! IP Infrared Imaging (i3) design
*Award-winning Black Diamond™ for 350ft (~100m) night vision
*Dual-stream IP connectivity with MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression at 30fps
*Field-proven NEMA4X all-weather design


*Perimeter surveillance
*Public-area surveillance
*Commercial building security
*Government building security

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