Extreme Shock Air Freedom Round .223 30 Grain AFR

Extreme Shock Ammunition, known for producing the world’s most advanced…

Extreme Shock Ammunition, known for producing the world’s most advanced ammunition, has released a new cartridge in the Air Freedom Round series, the .223 30 grain AFR.

This round embodies the reliability and safety of the handgun Air Freedom Rounds. They are specifically designed for tactical entry teams in an urban environment, where it is crucial to contain the rounds within a limited space. The frangible characteristics of the new AFR make it a necessity when the situation requires a round with no ricochet, reduced over-penetration, and will drop all the kinetic energy inside the target thereby reducing liabilities. This round is designed to fragment after passing through two ¾ inch sheetrock partitions, thus making your .223 rifle an ideal home-defense weapon.

The .223 30gr AFR has a 30-grain Tungsten core, copper jacket and has a flat base and round nose. When tested with a 14-inch barrel Colt M4, this round reached a velocity of 3,100 feet per second and possessed 816 ft/lbs energy.

MSRP for the .223 30grain AFR is $9.38 for 6 rounds, or a box of twenty for $27.75.

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