F-35 now ‘unaffordable’: Defense official.

A Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft…

A Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft is on display at the production facility in Fort Worth, Texas, Aug. 31, 2009. (DoD photo by Cherie Cullen/Released)

The cost of building the F-35 fighter jet, set to replace a large part of the US warplane fleet, is “unaffordable” in its current version and must be reviewed, the Pentagon’s top acquisition official said Thursday.

“Over the lifetime of this program, the decade or so, the per-aircraft cost of the 2,443 aircraft we want has doubled in real terms,” said Ashton Carter, the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics.

“That’s our forecast for how much the aircraft’s going to cost.

“Said differently, that’s what it’s going to cost if we keep doing what we’re doing. And that’s unacceptable. It’s unaffordable at that rate.”

The cost of the plane has jumped to $385 billion, about $103 million per plane in constant dollars or $113 million in fiscal year 2011 dollars, said Christine Fox, the Defense Department’s director of cost assessment and program evaluation.

Source: AFP

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  • Dieselpusher

    We need to cancel this program and bring back cheaper but many many more aircraft like the F-14. Update the systems with the newer technology but buy more at less cost. We are running out of aircraft due to 2 wars and constant operations since 9/11. We couldn’t sustain a real war against China or North Korea as we would take way too many losses then we could replace the loss aircraft. Been in naval aviation business for over 43 years and we are now going the way we did after Vietnam. Hollow military services due to government being bankrupt and allowing too many contractor companies bleed our congressman for money.

  • Richard

    F-35 gone end up absolete time get out for mass production. All ready China Russia India make two engine f-22 raptor type stealth fighters well where still dicking round try make jake of all trade military service fighter. When ever we make one fighter jet do ever thing Navy Air Forces Marines want in one air frame all turn out costing to much money make never leaveing any body happy in Navy Air Forces Marines. Go lock up General Dynamics F-111 story see how work out for Navy Air Force try have same bomber.

  • Robert

    Defense yes. Offense no.

    Why don’t we just by 2500 tocanis Brazilian single engine turbo props per one of these f35/”s. We could mothball half of them and quickly train private pilots if the need for ww3 comes.

  • We can not afforded to NOT acquire this aircraft. National Defense is one of the very few things the FEDERAL Government is responsible for providing the states. GET rid of the BATFE, EPA, AG Dept, Ed Dept, Commerce Dept, HHS and Zero Care, stop the welfare cks and buy the Airplane.

  • Gregory

    Sounds like we need to bring production of the F-22 back. Perhaps a new fighter that uses two engines from the F-35 is needed. The thrust to weight ratio of such an aircraft would be incredible. There would be no development cost for the engines.