Facebook campaign calls for a boycott of Spirit Airlines because they denied dying Vietnam Vet refund (video).

The “Boycott Spirit Airlines” Facebook page has seen its number…

The “Boycott Spirit Airlines” Facebook page has seen its number of “likes” soar in recent days, rising from roughly 700 earlier this week to more than 17,000 as of early Thursday. The social network support has come as Jerry Meekins, a 76-year-old Vietnam veteran with terminal esophageal cancer, raised a fuss when the Florida-based airline nixed his request for a $197 refund. Meekins was going to fly to New Jersey for his daughter’s surgery, but his doctor told him not to fly, citing his deteriorating health. The Facebook page blasting the much-complained-about airline already existed, but Meekins’ plight has sent furious fellow veterans and concerned citizens flocking to it.

Check out the Facebook page here.

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