Falkland Islands mark 30 years since end of war.

Falklands, Campaign, (Distances to bases) 1982; Department of History, United…

Falklands, Campaign, (Distances to bases) 1982; Department of History, United States Military Academy/Wikipedia

The Falkland Islands were to mark the 30th anniversary of the end of the war over their sovereignty on Thursday with a cathedral service in the capital Port Stanley.

In London, British Prime Minister David Cameron also marked the anniversary and pledged to continue defending the islands from Argentinian “aggressive threats”.

The names of the 255 British servicemen and three Falkands’civilians who lost their lives in the conflict will be recited at the service in the British overseas territory in the South Atlantic.

Around 650 Argentine soldiers were also killed in the war after Argentine forces which had seized control of the islands were defeated by British forces on June 14, 1982, when the Argentines surrendered at Port Stanley.

Source: AFP

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  • Despite the morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims, the fact remains that Countries exist because of wars fought against their neighbours or rivals. Independence is largely secured through the employment of armed forces and the willingness to fight if threatened, this alone prepares us all for such an eventuality.

    I commend you on your site it contains a lot of quality information and is well done.

  • The discovery of 500 million barrels of oil in the region will surely ignite the conflict once again. the Malvina’s are 300 milies off the coast of Argentina, the Falkland’s are 8000 miles off the coast of Britain, enough said.

  • Michael

    Would the USA offer The UK assistance if Argentina attacked again? Reagan offered assisatance, including the use of an aircraft carrier. Obama said that The US is nuetral in this dispute. Now who has fought alongside American is Iraq and Afghanistan?