Family outraged after HOA asks them to remove sign supporting U.S. Army (video).

It has been ten years since the war in Iraq…

It has been ten years since the war in Iraq started and a Plainfield family thinks people are becoming desensitized. They posted a small sign of support in their yard for their son, who is in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. They were asked to take it down by their homeowner’s association. Fox 59 is taking action to find out why.

“My son is in Afghanistan putting his life on the line and you guys are worried about a little sign in the front yard,” said Glen Chilcote.

The issue involves a 12-inch tall sign that says “My Son Is Army Strong.” Glen and Crystal Chilcote’s homeowner’s association in Plainfield sent a letter directing them to take it down. The HOA’s covenants don’t allow the sign. Glen said considering his 20-year-old son, Joshua, is fighting for our freedom, that’s just petty. He said he’s not going to follow the order.

Source: Jenny Anchondo for Fox59 WXIN.

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