Fast cars and a Cold War icon: U-2 spy planes keep watch on North Korea.

Image: Lee Jin-Man / AP As a sleek black U-2…

Image: Lee Jin-Man / AP

As a sleek black U-2 roared back from a mission, Pontiac muscle cars zoomed along the runway to help it touch down using a low-tech method dating back more than half a century to when this Cold War-era aircraft was cutting-edge.

“It’s notorious for being hard to land,” the pilot said after climbing out of the cockpit.

At Osan, U-2 pilots in white Pontiac G8 “chase cars” race down the runway at speeds of more than 120 miles per hour (200 kph) to meet each landing and guide the pilot down.

They estimate the plane’s distance from the ground in feet and radio that to the pilot — “Five … five … four … three … three” — until the plane is brought to a stall with about two feet (less than a meter) to go and essentially drops down to the ground.

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