The FD308 is built from the ground up for absolute…

The FD308 is built from the ground up for absolute precision and reliability. It harnesses the power of the .308 round for extended range and performance.

When it comes to stopping power, it is hard to beat the .308 Winchester cartridge. Combine that with the popular AR platform, and you have the makings for an excellent law enforcement patrol rifle with extended range and ballistic performance. But how about one that is built to a very high standard? That is exactly what F&D Defense has done.

Since F&D Defense is located in New Braunfels, deep in the heart of Texas, big is a way of life. Their rifle, the FD308, is built from the ground up to be the very best. Most ARs can be considered handmade, but each F&D rifle, in addition to being handmade, is also hand-fitted.

Note that the charging handle takes the place of a forward assist. The lower features a Geissele Hi-Speed National Match trigger.

Gun Details

So where do you start at building a “very good” AR? F&D chose their upper and lower receivers. Obviously, these are made specifically for the FD308 with its side charging handle, unique barrel interface, and patent-pending gas piston system. Tolerances are held so close that F&D matches not only the upper and lower, but also the forend, bolt and barrel.

A gas piston adjustment knob above the barrel is marked for each setting: off/single shot, suppressed, and normal conditions.

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