Firefield is excited to announce the newest products to join…

Firefield is excited to announce the newest products to join its family of products, the Firefield Bipod and Compact Bipod. The Firefield Bipods feature a padded stock mount and adjustable legs that extend to multiple lengths – ranging from 6-9 inches in length on the compact bipod to 9-14 inches in length on the standard. Featuring durable, aluminum construction, the Firefield Bipod is easy to install, as it attaches to firearm’s swivel stud.

The Firefield Bipods are a great low cost alternative for the shooter that wants all the bells and whistles in a bipod, but doesn’t want to spend $100+,” said Jeff Murray, VP of sales.

The Firefield bipods come in 2 different adjustable sizes and fit a variety of shooting needs.

The Bipods feature a pivot mount with tension adjustment and requires no firearm modification for use. These units create a versatile and dynamic shooting experience and can be used for both competition shooting and hunting.

The Bipod’s rubber feet create maximum stability and its lightweight body is perfect for easy storage and carry, making it an integral part of any shooter’s collection. A picatinny mount adapter is included. Backed by a three year warranty and the quality that comes with the Firefield name, the Firefield Bipod is the right choice for any shooter.

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  • Chad

    There isn’t a single part of this bipod that DOESN’T look like a Harris. Unless they’re being made by the same parent company/manufacturing facility as Harris and being marketed as “cost effective” I cry foul. Why are you featuring junk like this?

  • JH

    Lol more cheap crap