Firefield Kemper XL Machine Gun Sight

The Kemper XL features the largest objective lens window on…


The Kemper XL features the largest objective lens window on the market with unlimited eye relief and a large field of view. Featuring a bullet drop compensator circle-dot reticle, the Kemper XL has dual color options in red and green and five adjustable reticle brightness settings, for maximum customization.

Designed for use on machine guns, the Firefield Kemper XL withstands even a gas system machine gun’s recoil. A rubber shield protects against scratching and damage, prolonging the life of the unit. Perfect for any class three shooter wanting the maximum in quick target acquisition, the Kemper XL features a field of view so large, it can be used for skeet shooting and fast moving varmint hunting.

“The Kemper XL is the first large screen machine gun sight available to the public, much less under $1,000,” said James Sellers, president of Firefield. “Its versatility knows no ends, as the unit can be placed anywhere along the barrel from the front all the way to the end of the stock for limitless customization possibilities. The shooter can retarget the gun faster as it jumps around, especially in full auto mode because visibility is increased from the extra large screen size.”

The Kemper XL sight features a two piece weaver mount that is also compatible with bolt action rifles because it features a longer mount. Operable with just one CR2032 battery, the Firefield Kemper XL is great for quick target acquisition and will get the shooter on paper every time.

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  • Rob

    Bought two, one for my ruger 10-22 and one for my .223 AR. As I took the first out of its box I noticed rust on the windage adjustment and it was hastily shoved into its box with no packing. The second had no rust but was packed the same. They both lacked the lens cloth identified in “included accessories” but were replaced with an adjustment tool. The battery was shipped installed in the sight where potential damage could occur. Windage and elevation knobs did not click so exact MOA was difficult when sighting. The dot sight begins to crawl off center in the upper 20 to 25% of the view lenses making that portion useless, although due to the large size this did not cause any problems. The single most redeeming quality of this sight besides the price is never once did I miss my target once sighted in. Grouping was about 2.5D at approximately 75 yards. Recoil seemed to have no effect. I’m happy with my purchase.