Firefield Riflescope with Red Laser

When looking for a durable riflescope that can handle fast…

When looking for a durable riflescope that can handle fast paced, adrenaline pumping action, try the Firefield Riflescope with Red Laser. This Firefield Riflescope has everything a shooter needs in a riflescope and more. When adrenaline is pumping during an intense hunt or during the heat of competition, the user needs a quality riflescope that does not take much time to acquire the target. The Firefield Riflescope with Red Laser has a built in 5mW Red Laser, used for quick target acquisition, so the user never misses a shot. In rapid changing environments, use the 5mW Red Laser to make quick, close range shots, or when there is minimal time for exact precision. Simply turn on the laser and find the target.

“This is a great scope for any level of shooter who wants to spice things up. It comes with a built in red laser and bullet drop compensator, specifically designed for 55 grain .223 rounds to help you make accurate shots on the fly,” said Jeff Murray, Sellmark Director of National Sales. This 2.5-10 magnification scope is also equipped with an illuminated, Mil-Dot reticle that aides the shooter in range estimation, allowing the user to find the distance between them and the target. This riflescope’s integrated 100-500 yard .223 bullet drop compensation system, helps you to adjust to the downward curvature of a falling bullet according to the distance you are shooting from which greatly aides accuracy over longer distances. Firefield- Victory Justifies Everything!

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