Developed with input from the world-class Austrian COBRA unit, Steyr’s…

Developed with input from the world-class Austrian COBRA unit, Steyr’s new SSG08 sniper rifle is packed full with features that make this rifle worthy of being called the most advanced design on the market, while also providing users with a newfound rugged innovation in rifle technology.

Aerospace aluminum is used in the stock to save weight while also improving ruggedness. Not only does the rifle look rugged, but it proves worthy of rugged use in extreme environmental conditions: The Safe Bolt System (SBS) from Steyr Mannlicher is not only one of the safest bolt systems ever designed, but it also has ice, mud and residue grooves machined into the bolt that guarantee reliable operation.


For more details on Steyr’s new SSG08 Sniper Rifle, stay tuned with, look for it in an upcoming issue of one of our LE magazines or check out

Visit Steyr at booth #411 at the NRA Show in Louisville, Ky. May 16-18 to see the gun firsthand!!

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  • char

    Friends, which tactical scope did Austrian GEK cobra group use?? I want to built a clone…
    Thank You…

  • Anonim

    I got it, is perfect, secure and with a bery good accuracy, 5 shots in one centimeter in 100 meters

    El rifle dispara increiblemente bien, preciso y seguro. Con una buena optica se pueden hacer cosas increibles.


  • Mauricio

    Hola gente, este rifle de Steyr es una maravilla, exclente precisicion, fabuloso diseño y toda la fialbilidad de la marca austriaca. El unico problema aqui en Argentina es su precio: u$s 10.000 americanos. Saludos.

  • Tom

    Hiya lads,

    this rifle is available for civilians (at least it is in Austria, so I reckon it’ll also be in other countries).
    It is also available in .300 Winchester Magnum, the price (in Austria) is ~ 5.000 euros.
    I’ve decided to go for a S&B scope, all together it cost € 8.500,-; despite the price, this is the most awesome and accurate rifle i ever had!!

  • Sniper


    This rifle is available for civilians in Canada and us and most of eu.

    I prefer ssg04 over 08.

  • diego

    Hola,mi nombre es diego,y soy de españa,quiero decir que este rifle es una maravilla,personalmente no lo he probado,pero me he leido muchas cosas de el,y es fantastico,aqui en españa esta a la venta por 4.300euros,personal-
    mente me parece super caro…lo podeis ver en,y esta en varios calibres,mi pregunta es:en ee.uu por cuanto me saldria este rifle,junto con una buena optica?,donde me puedo informar?,alguna armeria ahi de habla hispana?,mi e-mail es,,muchas gracias.

  • Mike

    when will this rifle come up for sale in the US

  • Michael

    I’ve been after a long range TacRifle. I currently Own a Pro Hunter in a .300 WSM, Great Rifle. I originally wanted the SSG 04. the dealer took over a year to get it, so I ended up buying the Pro Hunter and equipping it with a M4 3.5-10X40. After a long while i still wish to purchase a Steyr SSG series, My big question is .. Will this rifle be available to civilians?? I live in Australia, and would like to import one as soon as they hit the markets. I’m impressed with Steyr’s performance. And wouldn’t hesitate to over look the GIANT price tag!

    PS: Considering the 300WSM Outperforms the trusted .308. I would hope it will be produced in.300WSM

  • SPC. S

    This Sniper Rifle looks great! I know i would like to use it in Country. I will be looking forward when this firearm hits retailers. But i thought it was going to be a 50. cal. Send me an e-mail if you can to tell me what the going price on this firearm and where i would have to order it from. Thanks