Police Fire Tragedies

You are the sheepdog, come to protect the flock from…

You are the sheepdog, come to protect the flock from the wolf. When the fang you carry in your holster draws blood from the ones you serve to protect, instead of from the wolf, it can be devastating to the innocent victim and officer alike. Let’s look at some of the (fortunately few) examples where this has happened. They tend to break down into certain types of incidents.

firstresp2.jpgMISTAKEN TARGET

Case One
Down South, a highly trained female officer was one of the first to respond to an armed robbery in progress. Seeing a man running from the premises with a gun in his hand, she ordered him to drop it, and when he failed to do so, she shot him down. It turned out that her gunfire had dropped the owner of the victimized business, who was chasing the perpetrator with his own licensed store defense gun. In the excitement, he apparently had not heard her warning or was so invested in his self-identity as the “good guy” that he didn’t think she was talking to him.

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