Howe Youth Moonshine

First Shots – 2-For-1 Moonshiner

Firearms manufacturers are finally starting to recognize young shooters. Guns…

Firearms manufacturers are finally starting to recognize young shooters. Guns sized to fit our youth are becoming commonplace, and not only are some manufacturers offering youth rifles, but they’re offering rifle packages that can grow with the kids—our future in the hunting and shooting sports. They do this by offering short stocks or stocks with an adjustable length of pull. However, there’s another application for these rifles, and that is for women. Women are the fastest-growing segment of the shooting community, and many are smaller in stature, at least when compared to most adult males.

In our current economy, pocketbooks are thin and the husband and wife who want to take up hunting or recreational shooting might find the cost of two good rifles prohibitive. Howa’s 2-in-1 Youth Packages might be the perfect answer. Specifically designed with the intent of offering a rifle that a young shooter can grow with, these packages are just as applicable to a couple who is looking for one good rifle they can share, especially if the man and woman are of average size.

Howa’s 2-in-1 Youth Package rifles, distributed by EMF, come with two stocks: one with a short 12.62-inch length of pull, and the other with a longer 14-inch length of pull. The stocks are easy to switch out and their pillar bedding allows them to maintain zero through the conversion. So what you have is one rifle that will fit an average-sized female and an average-sized male. Additionally, this is a near-complete package in that it also comes with a riflescope…

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