FirstSpear Siege Tactical Carrier

The Siege™ is a full up integrated tactical carrier designed…

The Siege™ is a full up integrated tactical carrier designed for Direct Action Operations. The Siege™ quickly integrates additional armor protection as mission dictates and provides 360 degrees pocket attachment fields for mission tailoring requirements. The vest can be removed without taking it off over the head for rapid access to administrative pockets or medical treatment to the torso at the left and right shoulders with the ITW G Hook.


In CBRNE environments this minimizes the risk of breaking the seal on the User’s protective mask during decontamination procedures. Fits Soft Armor cut to the shape requirements specified for US SOCOM SPEAR BALCS and Hard Armor plates cut to SAPI/ESAPI/SPEAR and Swimmer in the corresponding soft armor size, ie. Medium Plate and Medium Soft Armor fit a Medium Siege™.

Weight: 2.92 lbs
Price: $430.00
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