Flatline Ops Strong Arm Adapter for Accu/Level

Flatline Ops, a Bellingham based manufacturer of precision firearm accessories,…

Flatline Ops, a Bellingham based manufacturer of precision firearm accessories, introduces their new STRONG ARMTM ADAPTER which allows quick and easy attachment of most Angle Indicators to Flatline Ops’ ACCU/LEVEL.

“We wanted to join our ACCU/LEVEL with commercially available angle cosine indicators (ACIs) or angle degree indicators (ADIs) so the shooter has all the necessary tools in one compact, convenient package”, said Chuck McCoy, owner of Flatline Ops. “With this setup you can manage barrel angle and cant error in the most efficient way possible”.

Flatline Ops’ STRONG ARMTM ADAPTER fits all models of ACCU/LEVELTM scope levels including, the Hunter (for 1″ scopes), the Sniper (for 30mm scopes), and the Covert (for 34mm scopes).


Flatline Ops offers its STRONG ARMTM ADAPTER, ADIs, and the rest of their product line on their website and through their dealer network.

Flatline products are designed and manufactured in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum and are mil spec hard anodized for durability in the harsh field conditions.

To experience Flatline Ops products and view a brief demonstration video, log on to: Flatlineops.com.

About Flatline Ops Flatline Ops was created to design and manufacture highly technical hunting and firearm accessories to improve accuracy and the overall shooting experience. We are born and raised in the USA. Pride and precision fuel each and every product we create.

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