FLIR Systems' PathFindIR LE thermal imager for law enforcement vehicles…

FLIR Systems’ PathFindIR LE thermal imager for law enforcement vehicles is designed to reduce the risks to officers driving at night, and as an aid to night time surveillance. PathFindIR can allow officers to see people from more than 1000’ away in total darkness.

The core of this innovative product is the same powerful thermal imaging technology used in many military applications. The PathFindIR LE’s thermal imager creates real-time video by detecting subtle differences in temperature, and displaying them as black and white TV video on an onboard display or computer laptop. With PathFindIR LE, officers can conduct night surveillance with both hands on the wheel and both eyes free.

To the PathFindIR LE, warm objects appear white and cool objects appear black. This advanced technology provides vehicle operators the ability to see more than four times farther than with headlights. The PathFindIR LE can be integrated into the front of a police cruiser, truck, or on to a command vehicle. PathFindIR LE provides drivers greatly increased reaction time at night, significantly reducing the hazards of driving in conditions of reducedvisibility.

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