FLIR’s i5 Low-Cost Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR Systems' new FLIR i5 low cost thermal imaging camera…


FLIR Systems’ new FLIR i5 low cost thermal imaging camera is the lowest priced, full-function thermography camera ever offered by FLIR, and is targeted at the emerging market for low cost, high performance thermal imaging cameras for commercial applications. The FLIR i5 is being offered at a price 30% to 40% below FLIR’s current lowest cost camera, and is expected to stimulate significant market demand. The product will be sold through a strong, well-developed distribution network worldwide, with applications in electrical, mechanical, and building trades. An Extech i5 branded product will also be available for the North American market.

flir-i5-small.gifWeighing just 12 ounces, the FLIR i5 is the lightest and most compact handheld infrared camera available in its class, while offering exceptional ease of use and commercial grade functionality. The FLIR i5 includes a bright 2.8″ LCD display, and can measure temperatures up to 480 degreesF, while detecting temperature differences as small as 0.10 degreesF. The FLIR i5 comes with FLIR’s proprietary QuickReport image analysis and report writing software, a 512MB mini SD Card, a rechargeable battery and charger, USB cable, hand strap, and manuals and user CDs available in 21 languages. Click here to download the i5 data sheet

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  • Michael Dragoman

    I would like to use the i5 camera to record temperatures on the human body, particularly joints. Could you please send pricing, specs and shipping info.

  • hello,
    For 25 years I sell serucity, now I have to make an offer for this product FLIR’s i5.
    Please can you sent me some, brochures, pricelist and resale price and the deliverytime untill Belgium.
    Best regards
    Franco B.