“Flying boats” deployed by Iranian military (video).

Flying boats were unveiled by Iran on Tuesday, and the…

Flying boats were unveiled by Iran on Tuesday, and the regime says that the alleged stealth plane-boat hybrids have been deployed by the Revolutionary Guards.

The alleged flying boat is a single-pilot seaplane called Bavar 2, on that is armed with a machine gun and a surveillance camera, Iranian media reported.

“Bavar 2 … is a surface-moving flying boat and performs patrol and reconnaissance missions on the sea,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi told the Iranian state-linked Fars news agency.

In the future, Iran is looking to make improvements on the craft’s weapons.

“The flying boats will be equipped with missiles and rockets in the near future and this will improve their combat capability,” Lieutenant Commander Alireza Tangsiri told Fars.

Source: Jack Phillips for The Epoch Times.

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    Freaking SeaPlanes? Wow