The SCAR™ family was originally designed and developed by FN…


The SCAR™ family was originally designed and developed by FN Herstal following a solicitation by USSOCOM for a family of assault rifles, designed around two different calibers but featuring high commonality of parts and identical ergonomics. FN Herstal took part in the full and open competition and the FN SCAR™ was chosen among nine proposals.

The SCAR™ family consists of two highly adaptable modular rifles, the SCAR™-L chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO caliber and the SCAR™-H chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO caliber, and the FN40GL™ 40mm low velocity grenade launcher.

Both SCAR™ rifles are available with two different barrel lengths: a short barrel for close quarter combat and a standard barrel for longer distances.

The FN40GL™ grenade launcher quickly mounts onto the lower rail of either SCAR™ rifle and can be easily configured for use as a stand-alone weapon as well.

For more information on this and other FN Herstal products, visit www.fnherstal.com

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  • cheytac

    just reading your text, i imagine that you know nothing about guns, you are not even able to see the diferences between a improved AR type magazine (the SCAR magazine) and a chocolate magazine like the colt one

  • Gabe Ratliff

    I bought the black scar at the machine gun show in ky, knob creek, this weekend.. Thank God i also bought ten hk mags because after inspection of the mag that came with the scar i found the fn mag is just as junk as a regular colt ar mag… Fn claims their mags are superior to ar mags??? i dont think there any better than colt.. HK mags function flawlessly and are ten times the mag the scar came with.. keep that in mind, for any rifle that takes the m16 mag, choose the hk mag… sure there a little more, but isnt your life worth a lil bit more..