With roots stemming from the Browning BAR hunting rifle, the FNH USA FNAR .308 is a fast autoloading rifle capable of delivering bolt action accuracy.

The FNH USA FNAR .308 is the latest tactical innovation from a company that provides 70 percent of the small arms in use by American troops. With roots stemming from the contemporary Browning BAR hunting rifle, the new FNAR has matured into a fast autoloading rifle capable of delivering bolt action accuracy. In fact, every FNAR is capable of at least 1-MOA, just like the FN SPR precision rifles.

The original Browning Automatic Rifle was a family of American-made 7.62mm automatic rifles that fought at the Argonne in World War I and saw service in the Vietnam War. Although the FNAR has no relationship to the original M1918 BAR, there are quite a few qualities that echo the famed battle rifle heralded by boots on the ground.

The FNAR is a lightweight, short-stroke piston-driven, semi-automatic rifle. The FNAR’s gas piston system is concealed within the stock just below the barrel. The bolt fn2.giflocks a .308 cartridge into the barrel’s chamber by means of a rotary system and multiple lugs. The FNAR features a precision-machined 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy receiver with a black anodized finish.

Set into a matte black polymer stock, the FNAR is designed with dimensions suited to those familiar with the M16/M4 platform. This familiarity continues to the firing hand that wraps the M16/M4-style textured pistol grip. Utilizing five stock shims, three cheekpieces and three recoil pads supplied by FN, this rifle can be configured to a number of body types. I opted to replace the standard recoil pad with the largest to increase the length of pull to more than 14 inches before testing this rifle on the range. I didn’t have a need to fit the stock further using one of the shims and I can’t picture a lot of these rifles in the field utilizing them. But for those agencies or units that have time to fine-tune an FNAR using shims, go for it.

The FNAR’s safety is located on the triggerguard just behind the trigger. Like most crossbolt safeties, pushing the button completely to the right puts it on safe and blocks the rearward travel of the trigger. With the safety pushed to the left, the rifle’s safety is disengaged and ready to fire. A small red band is visible on the crossbolt when the safety is off. This safety can be reversed by a qualified armorer in order to accommodate left-handed shooters, making this safety unlike others of this type.

Pulling the trigger of the FNAR is a welcomed experience. The primer is struck after just 0.10 of an inch travel and with a crisp release. This is the best trigger I’ve fired on a tactical rifle in the last few months and I couldn’t afford to do it enough. Reset is predictable shot after shot. Using an RCBS trigger pull gauge, 4 pounds was all that was required to make the shot.

fn3.gifTypically, there is some variance between measurements of a trigger but ten trigger pulls produced the exact same result.

When the last round is fired, the FNAR’s bolt locks to the rear, exposing an empty magazine and chamber. In keeping with the universal theme, an ambidextrous button behind the magazine well releases the FN’s feeding device. With another magazine inserted and the bolt held to the rear, two methods will release the bolt, sending it forward to strip a round from the magazine and into the chamber. 1) A spring-loaded level called the “bolt lock” is located on the right side of the receiver, just behind the forearm. With the bolt’s extended charging handle pulled to the rear, the lever can be used to manually lock the bolt rearward by moving it in the upward position. Pressing down on the lever with the bolt to the rear will send the bolt home. 2) Charging the rifle can also be accomplished by pulling the extended charging handle fully to the rear and letting go.

The FNAR is available in either a lightweight or heavy fluted barrel configuration. A recessed target crown helps protect the muzzle and exposed rifling at the muzzle. Both offerings are hammer forged with a 1-in-12-inch twist rate, hard chrome-plated bore, and tested to pressures that substantially exceed safety margins established by American loads. Fluting is incorporated in this autoloader in order to keep temperatures down and contribute to an overall weight savings.

Shooting Impressions
FN guarantees at least 1-MOA accuracy from the FNAR. It’s a bold statement that begs to be verified. To do so, I selected three of the best loads available including Winchester’s 168-grain Ballistic Silvertip, Federal’s 168-grain Gold Medal Match, and Hornady’s 110-grain TAP. The two 168-grain loads would confirm the accuracy in a popular bullet weight fn4.gifwhile the 110-grain load would certify my curiosity. I expected a shift in impact but I was interested to see if a difference in bullet weight would change the rifle’s accuracy potential.

Settling into a prone position, I utilized the FNAR’s swivel stud and attached an adjustable bipod from Harris. Placing two sandbags in front of the bipod, I like to dig the bipod’s feet into the ground and lean heavily into the rifle. In this position, a shooter recovers rapidly for follow-up shots with little effect on position and stock weld.

Considering the tactical nature of the FNAR, I mounted the Leupold Mark 4 in a set of Warne QD rings to the top-mounted MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail. Although this test would utilize a long-range-capable riflescope, mounting a red dot in place of a scope or attaching weapon lights and target designators to any of the accessory rails effectively expands this rifle’s mission potential.

Sighting in the Leupold and getting the rifle on paper was accomplished using a small batch of military ball. I didn’t have enough to include it in the accuracy test, but it’s worth mentioning that one group of 5-shot sighters measured 1.14 inches. Once I was hitting near the target’s white diamond, I loaded a 20-round magazine with Winchester ammo.

Winchester’s Ballistic Silvertip is a Nosler bullet with a polycarbonate tip that resists deformation and aids expansion. The black oxide LUBALOX coating aids in the tactical appearance and reduces engraving forces and barrel fouling as the bullet passes through the bore. With an average group size measure just over 1.6 inches, the FNAR didn’t favor the Winchester’s Nosler bullet, but I did obtain one sub-MOA group. In service of anyone that wears a uniform, it’s still an excellent choice for duty. The polycarbonate tip resists deformation and aids expansion while a barrel’s life is extended due to reduced fouling and engraving forces.

Federal’s Gold Medal Match is always a high performing cartridge worth the money when you can’t afford to miss. These loads feature the Sierra MatchKing boattail hollow point, a bullet that has brought victory to competitive shooters and success to snipers around the world. It was no surprise to me that this ammo produced the best results, a 0.98 of an inch average with a best group measuring just under 0.61 of an inch. Three out of five groups were sub-MOA, satisfying FN’s accuracy guarantee.

TAP ammo is a personal defense cartridge from Hornady that has an enormous following in the LE community. Due to the targeted use, I was interested to know how it would work in the FNAR. Every shot functioned flawlessly and the groups impacted 3.5 inches higher than the 168-grain loads at 100 yards. Just 14-quarter-minute clicks later, TAP rounds were landing at point-of-aim/point-of-impact. A few groups hovered 1-MOA, proving to me that using a lighter bullet like the 110-grain TAP round in the FNAR should be a tactical consideration.

fn5.gifThis rifle’s appetite is temporarily satisfied with either a 10- or 20-round detachable, double-column, box magazine. Even though the FNAR was capable of dumping the larger capacity magazine in less than 8 seconds, it’s plentiful for many applications in this .308-chambered semi-auto. The magazines are specifically designed for the FNAR and shouldn’t be confused with magazines like the M1A. This high capacity magazine features a low friction follower that proved extremely reliable on the range.

Final Notes
Set up the FNAR just the way you need it. Multiple accessory rails allow any shooter to install a battery of tactical lights and target designators. Interchangeable cheekpieces assist in obtaining the ideal eye-to-scope alignment. One of three recoil pads adjusts the length of pull and effectively aids in felt recoil reduction.

A tactical autoloader in .308 that shoots at least 1-MOA before leaving the factory is impressive. One that’s as mission-configurable for urban operations as FN’s new FNAR deserves everyone’s attention.

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  • Mike Bryant

    awesome gun. I want one or two or three!

  • Chris

    I have had my FNAR for about 2 years now and mys 2 sons and I go to the range to have a blast and smile shooting this monster. I have had issues with soft tipped bullets only. FMJ have not failed, match hollow points will not fail. The gun is a pleasure to shoot and we enjoy this gun so much. Now we want to get a AR cause a buck to a buck 20 a shot gets expensive, but then again cheap fireworks shows suck; the FNAR is the Bomb.. BOOOOM ! the windows shake LOL’

  • Matt

    I found that shooting with a bipod reduces accuracy. The FNAR’s barrel is not free floated. A precision rifle without a free floated barrel? Poor design

  • Good news…. I bought a Scar 17s in November 2011. Nice looking.
    Bad News…. I have been waiting since December 2011 for the magazines that I ordered.
    I have yet to fire the gun.

  • Linn Lithgow

    I am going to purchase a semi auto rifle, either
    the fnar or the m-14. Can you overcome the negative comments on accuracy, or is there guarantee that the rifle will shoot 1 inch groups?

  • Jim B

    I have owned an FNAR 20″ heavy barrel rifle for 2 years now, I had no problem finding 5 round magazines, they were just pricy. I shoot mainly Winchester Super X 150gr power points, and mostly hunt with Deer Depredation permits. First time out I shot a whitetail in the shoulder, dropped immediately when I got to the spot I found a second deer laying on the other side. On one occasion I was able to put 3 deer on the ground before the heard started to move. This gun shoots great and the deer that I have missed I can blame my shooting, not the rifles. I do not competition shoot, just the hunter gather stuff. While difficult to disassemble for cleaning it is a very clean shooting gun and a bore snake resolves most if its issues. This rifle has put up with foul weather, hot, cold, and lots of dust. While it might start tomorrow to date it has never jammed or misfired. If for some reason I were to lose this rifle I would buy another one. I don’t need two they would get kind of heavy after a while.

  • James

    Mr GABO, (you forgot the “y’s” in your name). Do not try to represent yourself as a “shooter” in SOCOM fraudulently. Your overly negative comments of this rifle along with the fact that you stated that you worked for “SOCAM” show that you don’t have a clue what your talking about… Watch yourself and make up some new stories that DO NOT affiliate with Special Operations.

  • all negitive comments on this gun is why stupid people shouldnt own guns!

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  • Mike M

    I purchased a FNAR exactly two years ago. I have shot nothing but cheap russian ammo through this weapon. I have the 16″ heavy fluted barrel. I purchased a $125.00 Bushnell 4-22/ 50mm scope that was on sale at Wally world just so I could go out and shoot it. Fully intending to get a better scope at a later date. Even with this scope a and shooting 168 grain JHP russian ammo, Once the rifle was sited in. Which took very few rounds. The rifle was laying down patern sub 1″ moa. I am not a marksman. This rifle has the best feeling lightest trigger I have ever felt. It is very accurate. My son who was shooting an expensive 308 bolt action hunting rifle was not getting any tighter patterns. When you are shooting bullets over this same hole that the previous bullet went through. How much better can you get. I feel bad for the people on this site who are not having the same results. I also own a FNH FS2000 rifle. With the short bulpup set up on that rifle, and the 1.6 power factory scope I get three to four inch patterns. Sorry for any mispelled words. But FNH has not let me down to this point.

  • Myron

    I bought one and had great hopes but couldn’t get it to group under 2″. Took the 6.5-20 VXIII off, tightened everything and tried again without a change. Maybe the scope got damaged? Mounted 2.5-8 VXIII and used 6 shots to walk it in. #7 was in the target so I shot 2 more. YIPPEE! 3/4″. Let the barrel cool and tried again. Just under 4″. Next group 2.5″. I sent a letter and the target to customer service. We will see.

  • keith

    cleaning this gun is next to impossible. I think it is accurate but i’d rather use a sling shot then have to take this gun apart and put it back together again. I got rid of mine, took a lose but im glad i got this junk out of my house. I wish you all luck with yours, but I can’t have a gun i can’t clean nomatter how accurate it is.

  • larry

    my fn started shooting a sub 1 inch moa at 100 yards.now i am lucky to get a 5 inch group.have tried differnt ammo.and bullit weights.nothing i try makes it better.have had other people shoot it to see if it was me. its not me. any ideas??need help. love the rifle but not like it is

  • warren

    I own a standard 16 barrel version of the FNAR rifle. Cycles everything fine. I have a very inexpensive center point scope mounted at the present time. 4-16×50 Mil-Dot scope 1/4 MOA per click wind/elev turrets. PMC 147 grain FMJ’s cycle very well but yield no accuracy. I have ordered match grade ammo and plan to shoot some through it very soon. I have read Jeff Quinn’s review of the FNAR and it sounds like he had reasonably good results with the test subject. Rifles are picky on ammo, and the lower end stuff just doesn’t group on paper very well in my experience. Hornady 168 BTHP match shoots well in my Rem 700 VTR .308 I think I’ll give that ammo a try in the FNAR and see what happens. I would love to try to work up a hand load for my rifle but am afraid to because FNH says it will void the warranty. I have a chronograph on the way too so we can work out some reasonably accurate “come ups” at various yardages. I’ll try to remember to report back after I shoot some new ammo.

  • Bob

    I sent it back to FNH. They did nothing. The gun now shoots 6″ groups at 100 yards with all types of match ammo. I even switched scopes, hoping my Nikon was bad…no. Pathetic. Don’t waste your time and money on this piece of crap. All these comments are probably spammed from FNH themselves.

  • gabo

    as an instructor with socam, i have shot PLENTY of auto and semi firing weapons, from all over the world. the general gun enthusiast and the hunter, should realize that a weapon like the FNAR .308, is only the finest, most accurate semiauto available, anywhere.
    does it shoot all ammo the same? no. that is the joy of spending days at the range, getting to know, your weapon. does it shoot more accurate at distance(300 metres)than any auto loader out there. without a doubt.
    i have found if a shooter would match his ammo with his particular application for this rifle, he will find the inherent qualities that make this rifle…outstanding.

  • Bob

    I bought an FNAR heavy barrel. Shoots match ammo 3-4″ groups at 100 yards. Going to send it back and see if they can find something wrong with it. It’s not me. I Shoot .25″ groups with my 300 win mag with twice the recoil. Maybe just a lemon. (I hope)

  • mike s

    Left handed friendly??? Any feedback on the 16″ barrel pro’s – Con ?? Thanks mike s

  • sean

    You guys who are getting sub 1MOA; are you all shooting the heavy barrel version? I want to get one of these rifles but am torn between the heavy and lighter barrels, also FN says the shorter 16″ are just as accurate as the 20 inchers…any feedback on that?

  • Rich

    Just received my FNAR .308 20″ light barrel on Monday. Installed a Nikon Monarch 5-20X42SF BDC in Warne medium Maxima rings and a Caldwell XLA Bipod. I really like how this rifle fits me and is able to adjust for just about any shooter. Haven’t had a chance to really ring the rifle out, but at 100 yards I am getting initial very impressive results. We have several M1As and Armalite AR10s and the FNAR may just take the favorite slot soon. I have a couple of ten round magazines on order. I do not understand why the factory magazines are not parkerized instead of blued, though.

  • motorgrunt

    I am looking for 5rd mags for my FNAR. i’d love to know how much they stick out for hunting. does anyone know if the 5 and 10 rd mags are the same length? i heard the 5 rd mags are 10rd mags crimped to pevent loading more than 5 rds.

  • kim ohman

    I bought a winchester and its a fnar I am pretty stoked for it to get here. Its not black or has a fluted barrel but was 500.00 less in price sure mags cost lots but no worries. I hope the 1 inch moa is the same claimed by FN since the rifles are made on the same line . No flutes means a stiff barrel and no chrome bore if Im right I had be wanting something other than a ar 10 type and got it my only hope is the camo is long lasting I plan to use a kalhes scope 3×10 by 50 so whole setup 1300.00 plus rings may use fn or badger I will use a gg&g bipod sorry to hear the rifle does not like a bipod but will find that out for my self

  • Bob S

    Over a thousand rounds through it so far– this guns a KEEPER. I shoot only 150 gr fmjbt from hornady with a cannalure using only IMR 4064 powder. Target shooting only—easy 1′ MOA AT 200 YARDS, Bob

  • Daniel

    My fnar shoots about 1moa at 100, but saying it’s bolt-action accuracy isn’t correct. My savage 10 bully shoots .3-.4moa at 100yds with a zeiss. It’s a nice rifle, and it’ll be in my collection for years. For hunting I would take my bolt action. For showing my buddies, I’ll break out the fnar. Gun has functioned flawless by eating every factory and handload. If you want a autoloader, you’ll get mixed reviews. They are expensive, claim they are the best, and will function great. Ar10’s or fnars shouldn’t compare to bolt accuracy. Love .308’s cheap reloading but I like lapua and Bergers. Have fun shooting:)

  • John

    I own 2 FN AR’s, and have had accuracy problems with both of them. I sent them back to FN and they replaced/are replacing both guns. Excellent customer service, but I’m not sold on this platform. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t.

  • Mike

    I am reloading for accuracy using Lapua bras and Berger bullets (VLD 168 grain if I’m remembering correctly). Any advise on seating depth? Obviously one can’t go ‘all the way to the Lands’ as the cartrige has to fit into a magazine but has anyone played with different loads, seating depths and powders?
    Love the gun. I have a Nightforce 5.5-22×56 NSX scope and a Harris bipod.
    thanks in advance
    Las Vegas

  • Jeff Ford

    I have an FNAR and it is an exceptional rifle. I mounted an Eothech holographic sight on it and it works very well. I purchased 3 additional magazines for my FNAR, one 5-round, and two 20-round. I had no problem getting the magazines, however, they were costly.

    So far, I’ve reloaded for my FNAR with Speer’s 125 Grain TNT Hollow point bullet. It’s a tad bit light, however, it shoots very well. It seems to like AA-2520 and Win 748 powder. Good Luck, and good shooting.

  • Craig

    I have a brand new FNAR (never fired) heavy-barrel in original packaging that I’m selling for $1300 (you pay shipping.

  • WANTED FNAR heavy barrel will buy or trade I am selling or trading my LMT Piston gun email me for info erickbyoung@yahoo.com

  • Erick Young

    WHO ever and how many people on this blog that is un happy with FNAR send me pictures I am looking to buy one and I will buy your FNAR heavy barrel used from anyone of yall just email me I also have a 4mth old piston operated LMT 556 with burris xtr 3-12X50 with custom 556 recticle That I will trade I am looking for bigger bore and a cheaper varmit rifle MY LMT is totally deckd out if interested contact me erickbyoung@yahoo.com and we can talk thankyou

  • I’m doing a review of the FNAR at my blog site. You can see photos of both the 5 and 20 round magazines together and each also in the rifle.
    Also, I think Scottsdale Gun Club still has a couple of 5s in stock. That is where I purchased mine.

  • motor_grunt

    I am a former Marine and I think FN puts out great products. I’ve tried and tested several of ’em. My FNAR shoots russian ammo better than most rifles shoot premium ammo. It shoots Hornady 150gr btsp very well. It does not like a bipod though. recoil vibrations cause the gun to jump a few inches vertically and i have to take the time to get a new sight picture after every shot. Not good for follow up shots. Not that one would need too many follow up shots considering the excellent accuracy of the rifle. I won’t be parting with mine. As for mags, they will come. I’m looking for specs on a five rd mag to use for hunting. does anyone know the length of the 5 rd mag? i heard they are the same as the 10 rd, but crimped so that no more than 5 rds can be inserted. Anyone?

  • trax

    .308, semi-auto, 20 rounds mags, great MOA, reliable, modernized… what’s not to like? A great tool for a free man! And the customizers and tinker geeks haven’t even started on this weapon yet. Well done FN.

  • Jeff
    What scope are you using that is giving you this accuracy at 650 Yards?


  • frank

    I bought this gun a month ago had no problem finding a mag shot 100 yards 3 and 4 shot groups .5 moa no problem I will also try some 600 yard shooting in F class/TR hope I dont have to buy a long barrel bolt gun

  • Dewey Landrum

    I recently purchased the FNAR and so far it is an excellent firearm. It came with a 10 round and two 20 round magazines. I mounted a Leopold Mk2 4-12X scope on it

    I also had some questions and contacted their customer service number. The manager called me back the next day and answered my questions.

    So far, I love this thing and would highly recommend it.

  • jeff

    350 YDS 2.5” GROUPS

  • jesse

    will a burris laser rangefinding scope fit this rifle good or bad I deer hunt with it.

  • I own 9 FN products and everyone has exceeded what FN promises. Many folks are complaining about the Mags being hard to get but it was a fairly new product when everyone was hunting those mags. Dont throw the baby out with the bath water. FN is one of the best made firearms on the world thats why they supply the military’s of the world with more firearms than any other company. FNAR an Awesome Platform, BUy it over an AR10 everytime and tactical employment perfect for a Semi Auto Sniper rifle Mine shoots 1/2 MOA at 100 Yards with Hand loads. Thanks FNH keep up the good work and you will always supply the worlds military with your firearms!

  • Bruce

    Is this fifle friendly to lefthanded shooters?

  • Jeff

    yes finding spare mags has been a bit of a problem, but technical support at fnhusa replied to me within 24 hours with a mail order co. they had recently shipped 5 rd mags to – so maybe they are correcting this. On the plus side this thing is a blast to shoot, when I took it to the annual pre hunting site in party it was THE rifle to shoot – people who had never been happy with groups before, nailed a few nice ones and to cap the day I put 20rds through asap (less than 5 sec) and all twenty could be covered with a softball at 100yds (from a ledsled) everyone was so amazed that two more tried it with similar results – may need a second job to buy all the ammo she wants to eat.

  • I’ve bought the fn fnar and the gun shoots better than my brothers .300 mag at 200 and 300 yards. Mags are a little difficult to come by. I have 3 20 rds and one 5 rd mag. The gun does favor certain types of ammo and you’ll have to play with it till you find it.

  • James A

    So Chuck are you ready to sell the FNAR 308?

  • Datree

    I purchased an FN FNAR last March and have had the opportunity to shoot both factory and hand loads in the rifle. With the exception of the Wolf ammunition (in which the firing pin did not strike the primers with enough force to discharge the cartridge) the Remington and Federal factory ammo grouped at around 1 MOA during the break-in period. The hand loaded rounds (165 gr. Hornady BTSP) were at or less than .5 MOA. Since 1MOA is a relevant term (depending on the shooter), either I got real lucky the last three times I took it out (not likely) or it is one very accurate rifle. It is very accurate and literally a blast to shoot and I have not regretted purchasing the rifle. Needless to say I am very happy with this rifle in both accuracy and overall performance.

  • Dave

    I hate the fact that the barrel is only 20 inches long. I’m having a 20″ flash muzzle break/ barrel extension custom installed to give me a total of 40 inches. I drilled 30 holes in the barrel to take away some of the weight.

  • Ben

    This is a great rifle that lives up to it’s promise of sub moa out of the box. I traded an AR-10 for mine and it has been the best trade that I’ve ever made. Of course I’ve never liked the AR type platform to begin with; it is accurate but prone to jams in my experience.

  • Dave

    I hate this rifle. It shoots my handloads upside down. Do not buy this rifle! It is not scratch resistant and has no detatchable grips.

  • Dale

    “Do not buy this rifle.” Hmmm. I bought one and had no problems getting extra magazines. Of course my local gun dealer has been around a long time and has good sources.

    Oh….and it shoots really nice. So nice, in fact, that later this month I’m going to use it in a 300/600 yard competition.

  • craig

    I bought an fnar heavy due to all the bolt action accuracy hype. fn fnar after ive shot it at various distances isnt as accurate as my armalite sass the fn fnar rifle is OVERRATED in my opinion..

  • Nathan

    Bought the FNAR. Bought extra clip at gun show then found another a week later at Cheaper Than Dirt. No problems with mags in TX.. Shot at 500 yd no problems.. Lots of looks and likes even the guys with the accuracy Intl guns had to give this one a shot. So far, this and my benelli semi are my favorites.

  • Eddie

    The FN FNAR .308 cal. is one of the best rifles I’ve utilized. There is a problem getting extra mags and I don’t know why. Maybe the factory will get to work on this issue ASAP. But, you consider 18-20 rounds in one mag vs 4 in the standard bolt-action and there’s no comparison. How many rounds do you need? I’m satisfied. The 1MOA is accurate also with the Federal ammo.

  • Chuck

    Do not buy this rifle. FN has screwed everyone by introducing a rifle that you cannot get magazines for. I have talked to FN twice and all I have heard is empty promises. I will never buy another FN product no matter how good it might be.

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