The SCAR 17S from FNH USA offers law enforcement officers…

The SCAR 17S from FNH USA offers law enforcement officers an opportunity to own their own variant of this 7.62x51mm SOCOM powerhouse. It is shown equipped with a U.S. Optics SN6 1.5-6X scope backed up with an offset Insight Tech-Gear MRDS red dot and a GG&G bipod.

VERY EARLY on in my police marksman career the usefulness of a designated marksman type rifle for police work was strongly evident. Although not for the same reasons used in the military world, the need is still there. Not so much as a standalone weapon for a part of that team, but a gun that would be deployed in concert with a precision tactical rifle. Generally you would deploy with this rifle in your hands and your precision rifle in a drag bag or pack. There are simply places and events where an accurate semi-auto .308 rifle is just perfect for the task at hand.

It needs to be lightweight, portable, and accurate. Not necessarily precision rifle accurate, but accurate enough to engage a 3- to 4-inch target that may be moving. This would need to be done under stress and repeat shots might be necessary. Even more critical than accuracy is reliability — not only reliability, but also combat reliability. That means that it must shoot any ammunition the job calls for and do so without fail every time the trigger is pressed. I have never been one of those police marksman that believed preparation was needed for the hordes of bad guys coming “over the wall.” On the other hand there is nothing like an accurate semi-auto when the need for rapid multiple shots arises.

The 7.62mm SCAR features an ambidextrous control set up, made up of an ambi safety and mag release and reversible charging handle.

It was during training at a sister agency’s event center this became abundantly clear. Used as a cover team moving from hallway-to-hallway, the full-sized bolt gun was unwieldy and slow. Although some of the disadvantages could be mitigated with optics changes, often that change hindered the more common job of holding on a house or building for hours on end. The ideal would be a semi-automatic rifle with a low power optic as the primary sighting device. The secondary sighting system would be a red dot of some sort allowing for very fast engagement at ranges of 50 yards and in, especially if all that was needed was center of mass hits.

There certainly are several other systems out there that are fine weapons. Most of them just simply did not provide the accuracy necessary. Many that have the accuracy did not have the ergonomics, armorers support from the factory, or were heavy and not completely reliable. So although many a rifle has passed through these hands, so far the ideal had yet to reach them. That is, until the first time I made it to the range media day sponsored by FNH USA.

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