FNH’s FNP-45 Single Action/Double Action Pistol

Tactical-Life.com brings you the newest military products from the Association of the US Army Show, such as the FNH’s FNP-45 handgun!


FN had a new FNP-45 pistol on display at AUSA. This one is totally loaded. It has an extended barrel that will accept a thread-on suppressor, tall sights that will allow for use while a suppressor is attached, a Picatinny rail, combat hammer with an integral red dot from “Doctor Optic” cut into the slide. Great idea on FN’s part.

It is single action and double action with an overtravel stop on the bottom of the trigger. The manual safety should be a natural for lovers of the M1911. The backstrap is interchangeable for each user’s unique grip and a bumper on the magazine ensures that empties dropped to the ground won’t hurt the function of the magazine.

Chambered in .45 ACP and manufactured in a dark earth color, this pistol will be welcomed by many .45 fans and military minds alike. For more information on this and other FNH products, visit www.fnhusa.com


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  • I noticed a few people said that they bought the tactical barrel but did not say where. I am on the waiting list at MGW (Midwest Gun Works) and would like to know if there is anyone else out there who are manufacturing these barrels. Thanks.

  • Hk W

    You know what? I am positioning to buy an FNP 45 tactical and will very much spend to have the very best in accessories. Well first you have to have the tac light, then the optics and of course the can. All three will probably fetch about $1,800.00 to $2,000.00 Right? Not to mention the unit cost of the FNP Tact which is about $1,000.00. So, that having said…Again I am very willing to spend that , but i came across this comment and before I spend any hard earned please will someone comment of the veracity of the facts surrounding this. DEPENDABILITY OF THE LIGHT RAILING OF THE FNP 45 TACTICAL. This is the url of the guy who says it’s not dependable “http://mtgee.blogspot.com/2011/08/farewell-fnp45-tactical.html” Thank you

  • Jim

    I’m an HK guy through and through. I picked this gem up last week and put 200 rounds (WWB) through it today. All I can say is this one is the real deal! More accurate than my HK tactical and with a lot less recoil. The sights on the FNP are superior and with 3 Mag’s and room for an optic how can you go wrong? The adjustable back strap is not as conforming as my HK P30 but the checkering is great. This one is a 10 all day. Stop researching and pick one up! You won’t be sorry!

  • jack

    i got my fnp 45 tac last year 2010 200 rounds later i air gauged the barrel and have found no change and i went to awc for my suppressor and got the new ti the only thing i can is wow.its a must get.with the doctor sights green internal laser it is top of the line best ammo without suppressor hornada 45 auto + p 200gr tap fpd.with suppressor my own load with a dillon 550b if you are looking for a hand cannon ya look no more this is a must have for swat police and you when your getting shot at you dont see your front sight but with the doctor you see everything trust your doctor you cant miss it will save your life.

  • Jim

    I bought the FNP-45 Tactical from Ozark Guns last month in the Dark Earth finish. The Black finish on display in a different shop appeared splotchy.
    I have fired 210 rounds of 230 gr. TMJ with no issues and like it very much. I shoed it to my eldest son yesterday, with the comments it will be his when I pass on.
    Excellent finish FHH.
    May 9, 2011

  • Jim

    I placed my order for the FNP-45 Tactical in Flat Earth Brown (did not like the finish on the black one in the shop) on April 19th, 2011.
    To answer one question, the Beretta is 9 mm while this pistol is only available in .45 ACP. Due to its weight & balance, the recoil is minimal and target aquistion is very short.

  • I heartily agree with “Fusileer 72 Says:
    October 15th, 2008 at 10:03 pm”. I bought the FNP-45 Tactical about a month ago and have never shot a more comfortable accurate pistol in any caliber. Instantly my favotire gun AND bedside protection!! Could not be happier…;)

  • done wrong by fnh

    this gun is a piece of junk

  • Zack

    Marcus i too have the fnp .45 and am looking to do the same thing with buying a tactical barrel. was there any problems with swapping out, and were did you find the tactical barrel?

  • I was looking at getting a combat pistol such as the HK45. This FNP-45 Tactical has peaked my interest.
    Anyone here help me with information on purchasing this pistol?
    I live in Texas (45 miles east of Dallas) and have a Conceal Carry License so no problems with background check.

  • I just got my FN .45 Tactical for $960 In April at a gun show
    looking for a “CAN” now. I was looking for the new Berreta PX4 Storm tactical, but its’ barrel was not threaded ? also 10rd max. So FN wins with 3x 15rd mags.

  • Just got the FNP 45 Tactical same one as above,but not with the Red Dot optic.I am a civ and got mine for 1,084.00$ Love it!!!

  • Marcus

    I converted my FNP 45 to tactical paid $154 for a threaded barrel not bad.

  • Anthone

    To anyone who previously thought this might not be available to civilian purchase, be advised:

    The FNP-45 Tactical is listed under their Commercial section, not their Military one.

    Don’t worry, be happy.

  • Peter

    Can I get one in .40S&W or .357 Sig?

  • stan

    Where can i get the threaded barrel as shown. Stan sadakur@hotmail.com

  • drew

    anyone ever looked into having a michine shop do the milling for one of the doctors on top, i have seen such things done to a fie seven and I just wonder how much it would run me? I am deployed and just picked up my fnp about a week ago, but since i have the time and the extra cash I would love to get it hooked up before i get home

  • Wade

    I’ve been wondering WHEN someone would start doing for the combat pistol what they’ve done for the combat rifle. Namely, incorporate 1x optics with bright reticules for both eyes open, super fast target acquisition and superior situational awareness. Seems to me this is an idea whose time is long past due. If it’s difficult, under stress, to align two iron elements and a moving target and break a good shot with a rifle (And it is.), how much more it is with a wobbly pistol that doesn’t have the advantages of a butt stock and a cheek weld. If (I said “if”) that FNP/Docter set-up works half as well as it looks, I’d do the previously unthinkable and trade my HK Tactical along with no small amount of cash for the red dot sighted FNP at the first opportunity. To me it makes my best, high-end pistol look like a revolver.

  • Dominic Chan

    Fusileer 72

    How is this comapared to the Berretta 90Two?

  • I am a FNP 45 owner and I want to tell you that this weapon designed by FN is the best new product that I have tested to date. I own the top four manufacturers guns and found that this pistol is very accurate. It is easily on a par with my Sigs and after approx. 2500 rounds of mostly common 185 gr. and 230 gr. ammo from standard velocity to +P I have to say that this pistol performs perfectly. It is big and heavy and comes back on target for follow up shots very quickly. Recoil is no problem. my 115 Lb daughter says, “It doesn’t kick as much as the Colts.” It’s grip surfaces are checkered deeply and will not slip with wet hands. The optional arched or flat back strap accomodates all but the shooters with very small hands. The controls are out of the way and don’t impede the shooter. In the latest version the USG with the safety the posibility of condition “one” carry, cocked and locked is available and very well known to those trained on the 1911 pistol. The trigger is smooth and progressive with very little creep and over travel. Ergonomics of this gun will not have you training your wrist to assume a turned down posture found on the Glock as the frame geometry is that of the traditional hold of the 1911 format. Basic field stripping is very close to that of the Sig. It’s quick and easily done. Sights are well done and the rear notch leaves enough “daylight” around the front sight so that the target can be centered and engaged very quickly. This pistol can be easily adapted to either a right or left handed shooter. And my FNP.45 will shoot a hole the size of the bottom of a coke can all day long at 50 yards. that’s from a cold barrel or a hot one. This is a gun you can count on if a situation of the gravest extreme should ever present itself. I would reccomend a real hard look at the FNP for anyone who is looking for a real value in a handgun purchase. More thought and good design has gone into this pistol than any I have seen on the market in the last twenty five years. This one is a winner for the experienced shooter and the new shooter. And it’s priced right too. I vote with Joe. I wish I could be able to add this pistol to my collection. And I see no reason why FNH wouldn’t like to sell them to us. I have no desire to own the “can” but the longer barrel with a thread protector would sure add a bit of velocity and certainly contribute to accuracy. Yeah Joe, I want one or two as well. I’m in line right behind you.

  • Mike James

    I need one!

  • John O

    If it is as reliable as thier Five-seveN, I want one!!!

  • Joe

    This handgun looks amazing, although rumors flying around the internet indicate this will not be available for civilian purchase. Too bad, I know of more than a few people who wanted this as their next handgun, myself included.