Experience the civilian-legal semi-auto only version of the rifle chosen…

Experience the civilian-legal semi-auto only version of the rifle chosen by U.S. Special Operations Command as its first new rifle since the early 1960’s. The SCAR 16S is chambered in 5.56X45mm NATO (223 Rem.) while the SCAR 17S fires the 7.62X51mm NATO (308 Win.) cartridge. The innovative gas-operated, short stroke piston system reduces fouling for greater reliability. The side folding polymer stock is fully adjustable for comb height and length of pull and is colored authentic USSOCOM Flat Dark Earth. Both 10 and 30-round detachable box magazines(DBM) are available, and the ambidextrous operating controls instantly adapt the SCAR S-Series to any user.

Accessories available for the SCAR include vertical foregrips, rail protective covers, extra magazines, and a nylon tactical sling.

For more information on this and other FNH products, visit www.fnhusa.com 

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  • Joshua

    Ok so i have had a scar16 for about 3 months and i am not impressed with whats available for aftermarket yet and i want to do an obscene amount of upgrades that r not available yet but i am very impressed with the accuracy and durability of the scar is not close to any other so please with cream and sugar hurry up on the aftermarket for scar its killing me. However i will say this i can do whatever another guy can do that has a fully decked out AR15. Hand grips and forehand in fde are needed can only find stuff in black so i have a different looking scar hahaha.

  • Kaк приобрести AR если есть разрешение

  • g.z.

    there is no doubt, this is the best AR in the world.But if manufacturer will chamber Fn Scar H in 6.5 Grendel this will be awesome.I hope to see soon scars in our Armed Forces.