FN’s FNAR Standard and Heavy Bolt Action Rifle

A descendant of the legendary Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), the…


A descendant of the legendary Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), the FNAR — available in standard or heavy — puts autoloading speed and bolt-action accuracy into one powerful package. Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (308 Win.), this versatile rifle offers an ambidextrous magazine release and a standard contour 20” cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC fluted barrel with hard-chromed bore and target crown. Models with 10 or 20-round detachable steel box magazines (DBM) are available. A one-piece, receiver-mounted MIL-STD 1913 optical rail comes standard with a trio of similar accessory rails attached to the stock’s fore-end for mounting a battery of tactical lights and lasers.

Accessories available for purchase include rings, scope and a bipod.

For more information on this and other FN products, visit www.fnhusa.com and check back with Tactical-Life.com for more updates on this new model!

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  • PJ

    As someone mentioned, the Otis kit can be used to clean the barrel from the breach. No need to shove a cleaning rod down the barrel and ding the crown. People are crazy not to use an Otis on this or any other gun without easy breach access.

  • I’m waiting until June 30th to make an FBAR decision. Maybe I’ll just stay an ex-pat.

  • I bought a FNAR due to my love for browning and the BAR type recievers. The gun shoots straight and hits like a hammer. Certian softpoint bullets seem to hang, but FMJ or match hollows are war time sutible for a superior marksman from grasshopper.

  • CavScout62

    Nice rifle for hunting 4 legged critters. As for the 2 legged variety I’ll keep my Armalite AR-10A4 which shoots less than MOA and is battle proven, easy to clean/maintain, get magazines for and, with the push of 2 pins change caliber&configurations in under 1 minute. Oh, also the Armalite LIFETIME warranty. Although I’ve never needed it, it’s nice to know I have it.


    I purchased a Winchester SX AR .308. After firing one 10 round clip through the rifle, It began to fail to eject the empty cartridges. Has anyone else had this problem? Better yet, any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

  • roscoe

    To Brian M. I bought a GGG-1245 bipod for my FN AR. Works great.

  • G-gear

    The FNAR and SXAR can shoot the military surplus ammo AND ANY HUNTING AMMO.
    You cannot do this with an M1A or operating rod damage occurs. M1A requires fast burning powders such as IMR-4064, IMR-4895, H4895, etc. Slower burning powders actually raise the pressure to the op-rod and cause the damage. No problem with using the slower burning powders with the short piston FNAR and SXARs.
    Another note is to have a good lube for the action.

  • Ron in Texas

    The FNAR 308 Standard may not be light, but man it is a ‘Tack Driver’ at 200 yrds. I’m using an EOTech Site with a 3X magnifier. Even so, the only limitation is my old eyes.

    When shooting from 200 yrds, I dim the red dot to a pin-point, put the dot on the target, and hold tight and steady before squeezing the trigger.

    My FNAR Standard is an “Interesting Rifle”!

  • Brian M

    Can anyone suggest a bipod for the FNAR?

  • John

    The SXAR is accurate. It is heavier than your deer rifle. I don’t recommend breaking it down to clean the bolt unless you have experience breaking down military guns. There are many old soldiers who will be glad to give you a hand. YouTube has a helpful flick on the breakdown of the FNAR. If you simply can’t resist, the FNAR and the SXAR are very similar. Shame on FN and/or Winchester for not providing a film or manual to help gun owners break down their SXAR to clean it. That is just bad business and a display of shallow corporate responsibility to customers for two otherwise reputable dealers. I have the FN Model 70 in .300 Win Mag, too. It’s a tack driver, shoots sub-moa, if you wait three or four minutes between shots for three and five shot groups. The wait sucks but you won’t have that problem with the SXAR. Shoot safely.

  • Lift

    All you fellers complaining about this wonderful rifle, shame, shame, shame on you. Shame on each and every one of you. First off, the weight isn’t an issue unless you are a goat-like ninny. If you are a goat-like ninny, then you reserve your right to complain. Second, this thing hits where you point it. 1 MOA is no bull, as this thing truly can compare to the hand of god. Or atleast the gun god. Next, the magazines are easy to acquire, simply go into your bigger scale gun store and order them, and scope rings are no problem either. Order online or import from out of state, I don’t care, the FN FNAR is a wonderful and promising retarded kitten that packs a punch, I call it a retarded kitten simply because it is loveable, and a changed version of the BAR, but truly lives up to the epic descriptions that many people mention for it.

  • -MaTT-

    google this “31089210”
    it is FNAR 20 round mag part number and you will end up with alot of sites for mags…range from ~62 – 86…

  • PepperMD

    Got a SXAR last week and sighted it in today. It fails to eject. Tried some reloads and then some Remington 150 gr core lokt. Still failed. Very frustrated.

  • Dewey

    I bought an FNAR. It was on sale for $1200 and came with one 10 rd and 2 20 rd mags. I put a 6-18X50mm Mk 4 on it.

    First time out I was able to consistently put three shot groups through the same holes at 100 yards. And when I say same hole, I mean I was elongating the original hole from the first bullet.

    After the third time out, my groups as 200 yards was not much different than 100 yards.

    The recoil is minimal. The three check pieces and three butt pads allow you to adjust it for length and check height. There are also six spacers for adjusting outcast or incast. I have not adjusted that aspect yet.

    I have shot Federal Gold Match, Hornady HP Match (168 gr.), Hornady A-Max Match (168 gr.), and Hornady TAP 168 gr. Grouping is very consistent with all, though I tended to get the best grouping with Hornady A-Max and TAP (basically same match ammo but the TAP has a nickel case and low flash powder).

  • I purchased a FNAR and have tricked it out with a Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14×50 scope. I have been blogging about it at the following.
    I still haven’t made it to the range for test firing, but have high hopes.

  • chris

    Winchester was bought by FN Browning. So the rifle should be the same. If you check the FN SPR sniper rifle uses the winchester model 70 pre-69 controled round feed bolt design. I have seen a lot about how the FNAR is “unproven” I beg to differ. The FNARs bolt and receiver are based on the 60’s BAR sporting rifle. But this bolt design is based on John Brownings original bolt design of the BAR made in 1918 which predates the m1 garand which the m1a bolt design is based on. I also believe history has shown that there was no better weapon designer than John Browning.

  • PainePatriot

    FNH told me the Winchester version has a different trigger, no chrome lined barrel and not guaranteed sub-moa.

  • my 2 cents-I’ve been looking for a main battle rifle calibrated in .308…the ar10,the m1a,the fal,and finally the fnar or sxar(winchesters version) I just walked out of my local gun store after comparing both rifles-they are absolutely identical(other than the two additional mounting rails on the side of the forearm and the longer main rail up top…For 1200.00-I’ll take the winchester and spend the extra 500.00 I saved over the fnar toward a nice leupold mark 4… I couldnt beleive it! the winchester barrel actually has made by FN in belgum stamped right on the barrel! Oh-I almost forgot-The Winchester even comes with a mossy oak camo job and the heavey barrel!-seems like a no brainer to me!

  • motor_grunt

    Jusy got my FNAR and i love it. winchester has a very similar rifle (SX AR) that looks to be made on the same patent. The mags for the winchester should be interchangeable with FNAR. don’t know for sure but i will pursue the Win Magazines for use in the FNAR

  • American121

    I bought the FNAR Standard two weeks ago w/ EOTech Sight and 3X Magnifier. The ammo I like is the HSM w/ 168 grain Berger VLD bullet. Sight it in at 50 yards and you will be on paper at 200 yards. After a couple adjustments on the EOTech, you will be impressed with the Bull’s Eye hits at 200 yards.

    Larry Potter of MidwayUSA says that only an accurate rifle is an interesting rifle. Well guys, the FNAR is certainly an interesting rifle.

    I also like the fact that the receiver of the FNAR does not get filthy with powder residue like the AR-15 platform.

    FNAR break down when cleaning the gas piston is more complicated and time consuming than breaking down the AR-15, but for this accuracy, I can life with it.

  • ZX-10R

    One last post; my FNAR Heavy kicks my M1A1 NM’s butt!

  • ZX-10R

    For Walley-One word for ammo; TAP

  • ZX-10R

    Winchecter labeling? Never heard of a FNAR with that Label. Are you sure you bought a true FNH?

  • ZX-10R

    I have owned a FNAR heavy barrel for one year now and have found it to be a superb sniper rifle.
    Was able to secure six 20 rnd mags also.
    A great investment and a promise from FNH for a 1 MOA out of the box. Just buy it!

  • What i dont understand is people are complaining about a company that supplies the worlds military with over 70% of their firearms. second if you own the FNAR you knew what it weighted when you bought it. Right? so complain now ? Maybe workout some! I own 9 FN’s firearms- pistols, Bolt Action and now the FNAR and I have never ever had an issue with not one of them. I can email FN or call them and I get a reply or an answer very fast. This issue of being over priced the FNAR is cheaper than most AR10’s by far that I would consider an equal in quality and the AR10 still wont shoot sub MOA out of the box. As for getting Magazines if you will just search the web a little you will find the. Here is a link for 10 & 20 round mags and this company has them in stock. http://www.calssportingarmory.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=fnAR&Search.x=13&Search.y=11
    well I hope FNH keep up the awesome job they do and they quality of the weapons they produce is why they are the military of the worlds choice. Thanks FN

  • Chuck

    I just purchased the heavy barrel version.
    You “CAN” take it down completely to clean all parts including the gas piston and block. I had less problems doing it the first time than I had with my Ruger Mark III. It has been 40 years since I shot a large caliber rifle like this. After only 10 rounds through it, my expert gun friend shot a 1/4″ group at 50 yards and it was his first time shooting this gun. I also did it later on as I got use to the gun and the recoil. So much different than my CZ 453 American .17 HMR!

    I can understand some do not like its older style but that has nothing to do with reliability and accuracy.
    As far as the ease of cleaning or its heavier weight, too many wimpy men out there complaining. I am 65 years old and weigh only 148 pounds and I have no problem with its weight. Heck, my 1945-1946 Mossberg 51M(b) 22 weights 10 pounds.

    Some people need to grow up.

    it will out shoot most of the new

  • Norm

    I just bought a camo version with Winchester labeling but can’t find anything on the net about this gun. Any input

  • I have been reading for a while now and have the following things to say…First…I know a little about Bob Ailes(Customer Support Manager for FN). The fella I know named Bob Ailes that works for FN is a saint. The people who live down around SC here care a great deal about this man. I don’t think there is anything bad at all about this man. I know the people in this area as great judges of character and they like this guy too. If there is a problem with him I am sure it is just a misunderstanding….Second all little girlie men that think an 8 lb. rifle is heavy should just start wearing lace drawers and move to France….I am talking about front heavy,side heavy,rear heavy whatever….dresses,drawers,and France in your future…BTW I know several women that fire this rifle with no problems or whineing at all…This rifle is what it is…I personally think it is the best .308 rifle in the world. It is not John Brownings military BAR…It is not a BAR huting rifle…It is the FNAR. I get on my knees every night and say my prayers. I have in the past thanked the Good Lord for giving me a few FN weapons. This might seem a little strange to some,but I have thanked the Good Lord several times for my Browning Hi Power,a few times for my FNP.45ACP, and a few times for making the FNAR.I am an armed guard. I in the past have worked places like the back alleys of the State Farmers Market on the midnight shift here. It is not uncommon for excons including convicted murderers to hang out at 2-3 a.m. in these areas and rob anyone that passes by. Not too long ago a guy killed another fella wth a fire ax to the head while he was sleeping here. I witnessed one man swat at his cousin with a straight razor. I told him to drop his weapon(I had the Hi Power on him) It was okay,he missed him. About the time I said missed his cousins intestines fellout around his knees. On these ocaissions I do thank the Good Lord for my weapons. I work by myself most of the time and backup is far off and slow sometimes. My Hi Power is my only back up…now my FNP. I don’t work for FN..It bothers me when I hear people bad mouthing something they don’t know much about….
    One last thing….If your wife is mad because you bought a firearm without asking or talking about it…..badmouthing the firearm won’t make her feel any better….hehehe…

  • “FN’s FNAR Standard and Heavy Bolt Action Rifle”


  • Eddie

    anybody know where I can get about 6 mags for the .308 FN FNAR rifle?

  • foxhunter

    I have an AR10t and an FNAR in the light barrel. I love my AR10, but I love the FNAR just as much. In my amateur hands, the gun is just as accurate as the AR10T and much lighter. The trigger pull is great. You can’t shoot cheap ammo in the AR10t but my FNAR has not jammed on a wide variety of ammo. My wife thinks the FNAR doesn’t kick as much, but I can’t tell any difference. The FNAR could easily be carried all day on a deer or elk hunt.The only complaints are more difficult disassembly and I can’t find magazines. Reloads for either gun, or any semiauto for that matter should be reloaded with small size dies and then they will cycle just fine.

  • Wally

    I sold a heavy FNAR to a customer recently and he was wanting some good reloading data. Anybody have any suggestions?

  • Steve-o

    OK this is the LAST one. Where did they grow the individual who is boasting about the FNAR being front heavy. POINT BLANK – one gallon of water weighs 8lbs FEW oz. If you are having trouble lifting a gallon of milk,….man you really should consider finding a new hobby and leaving assult rifles to trained and qualified. Perhaps you can pick up a nice Gamo air rifle. Ahh and the point of .308 is for “flat” shooting while engaging 4-600yds. To see an individual ask why .308 tells me one thing. Apparently you missed the boat or are unfamillar with the term MOA. Either way while you rant on and retire to your SF bunker within moms basement see if you can dig up an -06 thats semi-auto grouping .75’s at 150yds.

  • Steve-o

    Gentleman one last piece of advice. STOP listening to Bob Ales ( FN’s customer support rep.) If you honestly belive that there is not a deal cut between distribution and Barts well I simply feel sorry for you. Dont rely upon FN for all of your answers. Somtimes we have to research a little online and think for ourselves,…hence my previous AZ gun runners statment. They can help and are FAR from the only disty. sellin FNAR mags !!!!!! That should not be an issue that makes or breaks an individual who is considering purchasing this semi-auto.

  • Steve-o

    This is in direct response to the gentleman looking for magazines for this weapon. Arizona Gun Runners has a user friendly site and is quite capable of filling ANY mag order. Infact the day I purchased my FNAR I bought 4 mags and had them 3 days later. Ohh in regard to this light or heavy issue the real deal is THIS,..the difference in barel weight is 6oz THAT is it. What does that mean,…well if your a fan of carrying extra weight then buy into FN”s marketing. If your a Tac shooter then that info speaks for itself. Enjoy all,…I sure know that I am !!!!!

  • 12bravojim

    I called FN and told them I was having a hard time finding the 30mm FN scope rings for the FNAR….they thought I was calling for 20 round magazines…. Anyway they told me to call Bart’s Sports Supply out of Maryland. I spoke with Bart he told me he’d have some by next week….$200; incidently FN states they should have more factory 20 round mags on the market by summer….

  • Daniel not sure where you obtain your data “aproaches bolt action accuracy”, but this gun is sub MOA guranteed there are MANY bolt action rifle’s that wish they could touch that…. “HB” Heavy barrel is perfect in weight in my opinion and could not see why you could not use it in the standing or kneeling position unless you are requiring some trips to the gym if that’s the case they offer the light “LB” light barrel. I am 6’0 175lbs not that big to be able to handle this rifle. Maybe you had a full mag loaded a heavy scope and a bipod not sure?? Lack of magazines is the biggest issue i have faced and i can not find a vendor with the Fn brand 30 mm scope rings. If any one finds them post a website PLEASE…

  • Jess

    I see alot of dispariging remarks on this weponfor being a “hunting rifle”. First it is a tried and tested design that gives you as good MOA at 300 than most bolt action rifles. it has a cromed reciever that the sport modle doesnt and a heavy barrel the sport modle doesnt and rails for all your goodies the sport model doesnt.
    This is an outstanding 300 yard wepon w/ a 3/4 piston. so take your better wepon and see if you can watch 1.2 grouping from an etire mag at 200 yrds in under a min.(I do mean watch the impacts) and not to forget its under 8 lbs w/out ammo. so rave on about your heavy bolt action or your inacurate shreader. you are camparing apples to oranges. This is a exelent all day shooter( gas op) with outatanding MOA and in in a 8 lb package.

  • Daniel

    This gun is beautifully made and accuracy approaches that of a bolt action. But man it is front heavy. Unless you are the incredible hulk, better count on firing prone with a bipod. The weapon will eat up military or hunting ammo all day but forget about communist crap and reloads better have been re-sized. I tried some reloads from a gunsmith I know and every one failed to eject. Finally one did not fire or eject and I was faced with extracting a live round jammed tight in the chamber. Field stripping and cleaning is a bear – more like a full afternoon project (with the wife bitching all the while). Bought the gun six months ago and I still can’t locate a spare magazine.

  • shook

    Seems like only issues are individuals that do not have them making points? With an Otis tactical kit you can clean from breach forward. The gas system can be disassembled for cleaning. The gun is a tack driver, 5/8 of a group with factory ammo @ 100 yards. You can not glass bead the stock, and correct the barrel is free floated. FN makes 70% of the worlds miliatary weapons. Do you think they would release any product that would not be kick butt? I love mine, and note, I have had several 308 autoloaders, FAL, HK91, PTR91, AR10, SASS(ar10). This gun smokes them hands down. Good day.

  • ghost

    couldn’t shoot wolf…not sure why? everything else worked just fine. still a sweet rifle, but just can’t find any mags…NOW THAT SUCKS!!!

  • Andy

    Mine works great, but I worry that any company that can not supply extra mags in a timely manner will have the same problem with spare parts and we have already seen BARs starting to break, Bolt Carriers were to hard and brittle.

  • Brian

    Everyone is making valid points. My beef is the lack of accessories and available configurations.
    The heavy barrel is the only good option when you have a 20 round Mag to unload down range. I just bought the browning shortrac in .243 Winchester. The brownings don’t have barrels heavy enough to support the Larger calibers offered, especially the long tracs. I would like to pick up a browning 300 WSM or maybe 325WSM and then take the heavy FNAR barrel to the lathe. This receiver isn’t heavy enough for a Lapua. If I could put the FNAR stock on My shortrac and convert it to the 10 round Mag well I would be happy. Field stripping is a pain i haven’t mastered yet. I use a bore snake to clean from breech to muzzle. I just hope the parts become available.

  • W C Fuggle Sr

    HEY!!!! Guys you all are barking up the wrong tree!! I own the new FNAR in heavy barrel, you MUST shoot this rifle!!!! I have a friend handload some berger 155grain ammo and I CAN cloverleaf a hole at 100 yrds EVERYTIME I shoot. The bull barrel has to help because it never does pull off after several shots. I have had NO malfuntions and with my Millett tack scope it is as sexy as a new corvette!!!

  • You dont get it. The purpose of this weapon is to provide the tactical user a very accurate weapon with high capacity magazines. Yes the AR10 can be the same….Although it is heavier and a DI gas system as opposed to this short stroke gas piston system. This gun will run very very clean. Yes you have to clean the barrel through the muzzle but it is chrome lined and still gaurantees a 1moa accuracy level. Even though it is based on a hunting rifle (I have three browning semi autos and none of them produce 1moa accuracy) I believe it is better made.
    Spend the money on an AR10 and lug that big heavy bastard around! I have one of these in light barrel OTW and im sure it will provide more than enough to do its job!
    Matter of fact while your cleaning your AR10 I will still be shooting!!!

  • cygrud

    yea well glass bed the stock it’ll be a real tackdriver.

  • Green Machine

    Yes, this is NOT a John Browning BAR of WWI and WWII fame. This IS a Browning Arms sporting rifle model BAR, with matte black finish, black polymer furniture with pistol grip, and a flouted barrel to make it look tactical. As a serious precision weapon, it’s not. Neither the gas operating system, nor the bolt, can be removed and/or disassembled for routine cleaning, and the barrel must be cleaned from the muzzle. Really kind of a joke, that is how desperate FNH USA is to sell it’s overpriced products.

  • Mark

    This looks to me like a new painted version of the commonly known BAR hunting rifle still in use today and not the old BAR used by our troops in WWII. Plenty of reasons to go with 7.62 over ’06. Ammo availability on the battlefield and very close ballistic performance are the first two that come to mind. It doesn’t matter though this weapon is a failure out of the gate and will go nowhere. We already have AR based platforms that handle this chambering nicely with proven reliability. They are instantly familiar to our troops with abundant parts from multiple manufacturers. This is a classic example of a hunting rifle painted black with a pistol grip being pawned off as “tactical”.

  • bob

    Descendant of the BAR my ass…..BAR=squad automatic weapon, full auto, this thing = sniper rifle…….I predict it will go nowhere……7.62 = NO BIG DEAL……build it in .338 Lapua and it might have a future, IF it’s as accurate as they say…..

  • Nightstalker

    7.62 is a plenty powerful enough standardized NATO round, plus it helps with the weight versus .30-06. If you want to take out cars, get yourself a MA-Duece. Think this is heavy? Pick up and carry around an old BAR, M-60, or even a fully loaded M240. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing this weapon in the field.


    WHY IN 7.62? WHY NOT IN THE ORGINAL LOAD .30/06 ? why cant we make this thing lighter?